Carrier & Sling Hire.

The Carrying Works has a variety of carriers, slings & accessories in the library which are also available for hire. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. For more information, please get in touch via the Contact Us page or the Facebook page.

What slings & carriers are available for hire?

You can find the full list of library stock here. We are always adding to the library stock, as & when funds allow us to. If there is something you would particularly like to see in the library, please let us know!

Where can I hire a sling or carrier?

They can be hired from any of our library sessions, consultations & workshops.

The full list of regular library sessions & meets attended by The Carrying Works can be found here. Additional events can be found on the Facebook page or please get in touch for any further details.

We also have a dropbox at our home in Worksop which means it is possible to arrange a collection (or return!) of a sling at pretty much any time to suit you!

How much does it cost to hire?

Sling hire costs £5 for the first week, then £2.50 for each additional week after that, 2 weeks = £7.50, 3 weeks = £10 & so on.

Hire costs are due when you collect your item & are payable by cash or gifted paypal. These costs are non-refundable.

I do not currently ask for deposits with the hire of slings or carriers. Should a sling, carrier, accessories or instructions become damaged or lost, the full repair or replacement cost will need to be paid by the person named on the hire agreement.

How long can I hire for?

The initial hire period is 1 week & hires are usually offered up to a maximum of 6 weeks to ensure items are available in the library for others to access. However longer-term hires are available, please get in touch to discuss arrangements.

Can I extend my hire?

If you would like to extend the duration of your hire, as long as the item is not required, you are welcome to extend & simply need to get in touch to arrange this. Each additional week is charged at £2.50, payable by cash or gifted paypal.

What about returning the hire?

Please return all items on the date agreed at the time of hire or extension. If this isn’t possible, please get in touch to arrange an alternative.

Items can be returned to any of our library sessions, consultations or workshops.

We also have a Dropbox at our home in Worksop which means returns can be arranged at virtually any time to suit you!

Items returned late are liable for late fees of 50p per day.

How do I look after it?

People often worry about how to look after slings & carriers they hire. I’m often asked about whether or not things need to be washed before they are returned so I have put together a few simple bits of advice on how to look after your hires.

  • Babies dribble. They often suck the straps of carriers. Please don’t worry about this! I’m building a selection of suck pads which will hopefully be available for all hires.
  • Some parts of carriers & accessories such as chestbelts/accessory straps, suck pads & hoods may be detachable meaning they can be lost. Please bear this in mind & take care not to lose them when you are out & about.
  • Please keep slings & carriers away from smoky environments & refrain from smoking when using them.
  • Please keep slings & carriers away from pets.
  • Please look after your sling or carrier carefully & treat it with respect.

It’s got dirty! How can I wash it?

All library stock is washed in the same way & using the same washing liquid to minimise the risk of damage to the item & the risk of an allergic reaction occurring in families who hire them.

If you feel that you need to wash a sling or carrier at any point before you return it, please get in touch before you do.

What if I damage or lose it?

All items are checked prior to being hired & on return to the library, this ensures they are undamaged & safe for use.

All items remains your responsibility until returned to the library. If anything happens to the sling or carrier, please get in touch & do not use the item until you have confirmed that it is safe to do so & will not cause further damage.

Should a sling, carrier, accessories or instructions become damaged or lost, the full repair or replacement cost will need to be paid by the person named on the hire agreement.

I love the sling I’ve hired! Can I buy it?

I love that you have found a sling or carrier that works for you & your family! I don’t currently retail slings & carriers. However, I do have a large selection of discount codes available, for a variety of retailers, should you wish to order the item you have tried.

I do not profit from the use of any of the available discount codes. However, some discount codes will benefit the library in some way, such as giving 10% towards the next library order or the donation of a carrier to the library for every 10 uses. These codes are a great way to save yourself some money & support your library at the same time!

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