Consultations & Workshops

The Carrying Works offers a variety of consultations & workshops, you can come to us or we can come to you.

Consultations are normally one-to-one or two-to-one, last up to 2 hours & the content is entirely up to you! We could cover an introduction to carrying, perhaps looking at a variety of different options with the chance to try on different slings. Maybe an introduction to back carries with a woven wrap or carries with a shorty?

Workshops are group sessions, with a maximum of 4 participants. This is to ensure everyone has enough attention, time to practice & everyone remains safe. They last up to 2 hours & have a specific focus such as using a ring sling or back carrying with buckles.

Troubleshooting one-to-one sessions are also available. These last up to an hour & are designed to provide a brief support session, perhaps to tweak a carry you have already learnt or help get to grips with a carrier you’re struggling with.

You can bring your own sling or we have a variety of slings that you are more than welcome to use. We also have a family of weighted demonstration dolls which are really helpful for if little ones are sleeping, perhaps haven’t arrived yet or if you simply want to give something a go before trying with your own little one!

Electronic gift vouchers can be purchased for a specific amount or for a workshop or consultation. Simply get in touch via the contact us page for more information.

For more information & the prices for all our services, please see the information & prices page & if you have any further questions then you can find out how to get in touch via our contact us page.

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