REVIEW: Lifft Slings Stretchy Wrap

IMG_0520Lifft Slings are a UK company, based locally in Sheffield. Beginning with a pouch sling (which was actually the first sling I used to carry G over 4 years ago!), they introduced a stretchy wrap in December 2016 & it has been travelling the countries sling libraries for feedback.

The company try to source materials for all their products in the UK, followed by the EU & then if that isn’t possible they will look to the rest of the world for them. Another thing that the company are proud of is the fact the all of their stretchy wraps & pouches are made in Yorkshire. This reduces the carbon footprint of the slings as well as meaning you can be sure that the sling is manufactured in good working conditions too.

The first thing I noticed about the stretchy, as did many of the families who tried it out, was the feel of the fabric. It is really lovely & smooth, soft to touch & those characteristics tend to be particularly popular when people are looking for something to carry their newborn. They spent many months searching for just the right fabric & you can tell, it’s a really lovely choice.

The next comments were about how cool it felt to wear, not too heavy or warm. This again shows how much consideration has gone into the fabric choice. Quite a few families who tried it at sessions have commented on how it feels lighter in comparison to others that they have tried. Despite this, no one felt it was lacking in support. In fact, some were actually surprised by how supportive it was. I know there is a misconception that a stretchy wrap is only for those very early days, but this doesn’t have to be the case. I used this wrap with T (aged 13mths) & didn’t feel it was lacking in support at all. We even had a 5 year old in it at one of our sling meets!

The choice of colours has also proved popular. Whilst not a vast range of choice, those which are available are certainly popular. A classic black, a gorgeous plum & a perfect-with-jeans blue are all winners & easy to wear. There were a couple of comments on the colour of thread chosen to hem the wraps. The pale thread does create a contrast against the colour of the wrap, some people like it & others not so much. That said, I don’t think it’s that obvious when you’re using it, particularly as the edges have a tendency to roll inwards slightly due to the nature of the fabric.

plum petrol.jpg

The main words that came up when I asked library users for feedback on the wrap were soft, lightweight, smooth, supportive & comfortable. Overall, I think that’s a pretty accurate description! We have added one of these stretchy wraps to the library (I couldn’t resist the plum!) & I have no doubt that there will be more added in the future due to the fact that I have barely managed to keep it in stock since it was added. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like to hire the wrap we have available on the library or if you would like more information on purchasing your own, you can find all the information on the Lifft Slings website or their facebook page.

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