REVIEW: Liliputi Stretchy Wrap in Folk Tale

img_9734Liliputi are a company based in Hungary who manufacture a range of babywearing products including stretchy wraps & soft structured carriers, as well as a range of coordinating accessories such as coats & bags. This stretchy wrap is the first Liliputi product I have had the opportunity to use & it certainly hasn’t been a disappointment.

How many of you have used a stretchy wrap? And how many of you often wished for something that is a bit more exciting in its appearance than simply a single colour? It is something I often hear at sling library sessions that is for sure. The Liliputi (Rainbow Line) stretchy wraps could well be the answer to your wishes!

Arriving in a small drawstring rucksack-style bag, matching the fabric of the wrap, the first thing I noticed when unpacking the wrap was the feel of the fabric. It is really lovely & soft, nice & smooth, almost silky to touch, made from a blend of 97% cotton & 3% spandex. It is a two-way stretchy which many parents who visit the library find easier to use & easy to manoeuvre the fabric around their child. As well as being a two-way stretch, it also has a good degree of elasticity (spring-back) which means it feels nice & supportive when carrying. It is slightly thicker than some other stretchy wraps, such as Hana or Snugiwraps, but it is not a heavy-weight wrap by any means.


The wrap is around 5m in length & 60cm in width. This is a fairly standard length for a stretchy wrap & is mid-range in terms of the width when compared to other wraps, such as the JPMBB Original which measures at 70cm wide & the Boba which measures at 50cm wide. People liked the width as it didn’t feel too much with a newborn baby but didn’t feel too narrow with a bigger child either (T is one in the pictures featured in this review), which is great as it is safety-tested up to a weight of 9kg. It is also machine washable, which is pretty much an essential with a newborn!

img_7871The next thing I noticed is the bright, patterned panel in the centre of the wrap. It is 100% cotton (as opposed to the 97% cotton / 3% spandex of the main body of the wrap) & comes in a variety of different patterns, this one is known as Folk-Tale & is a hugely popular pattern used in many brands of carrier. This panel is what I think will be a major plus point for this wrap as it adds the element of excitement to what is normally quite a plain wrap. The panel is not only decorative, but creates an easy-to-find middle marker. It is also designed as a pocket, however I’m not sure what I would use it to carry as the panel generally sits directly over the childs back, thus leaving the pocket unsuitable for anything which may cause harm or discomfort to them such as keys or a phone. Aside from the aesthetic qualities the panel adds, the other thing some parents commented on as something they liked, was that they felt the non-stretch fabric added a feeling of security & reduced the ‘bounce’ of the wrap when carrying.

Overall, I think this wrap is going to be a popular one in the library. I think the addition of the patterned panel will make it popular with those who want something different to a plain stretchy but still want a nice, easy-to-use stretchy wrap that is budget friendly (it is priced at around £38.00 plus delivery from UK retailers). If you would prefer a plain wrap but like the feel & wrapping qualities, Liliputi do also offer a single colour wrap without the panel. You can buy direct from Liliputi or they have a list of official UK retailers on their website (don’t forget to check, if you have used a sling library, as you may find there is a discount code available for use should you wish to order).

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