REVIEW: Jacq & Rose Tri Tanote Teal Woven Wrap

img_0244.jpgJacq & Rose are one of the newest UK brands of machine woven wraps. The brand was created in 2016 by Katie, a mum of two, who found babywearing was a necessity with her youngest in 2012. She then won the opportunity to design a wrap with another brand in 2014 & this only fuelled her passion further to create a woven wrap company of her own.

The first release from Jacq & Rose is the Tri design from the Oceanic collection & we received a visit from Tri Tanote Teal (TTT) in a size 4 on its travels. TTT is woven from 100% combed cotton & weighs in at around 280gsm. Woven on an ecru warp with a teal weft which is said to be “…reminiscent of the crystal clear waters at Tanote Bay on Koh Tao in Thailand and the beautiful parrotfish that swim on the reef” & that is a great description, the colour is really striking!

IMG_9183There are a number of different colourways of the Tri pattern available in the Jacq & Rose online shop, including TTT. Prices start from £100 for a size 2, up to £150 for a size 7. They also offer a babywearing box which is £170 & includes a size 6 wrap (various designs available), a pair of large etched rings, J&R rucksack, a pocket mirror, a copy of Why Babywearing Matters & a voucher for a 30 minute babywearing consultation. A great way to purchase a wrap!

That’s the basics covered. What about first impressions? The wrap had done a bit of travelling before it reached us & when it arrived it was soft & floppy in hand with a real smoothness to touch. The pattern is rows of triangles, in increasing sizes from one edge of the wrap to the other. Whilst quite a simple pattern when laid flat, I can see this working really well when wrapped! I really love the high contrast between colours too, I think my favourite side is actually the ecru side with blue triangles. The pattern also works quite well for learning to wrap thanks to the graduating size of triangles forming bands of pattern across the width of the wrap.

So how does it wrap? We tried this wrap in a number of different carries, as it was a size 4 we tried variations on a front wrap cross carry (FWCC), a ruck & a shepherds. For me, I love it when a wrap works in different carries, both single & multiple layer, especially when it works with newborns, toddlers or even preschoolers being carried. It may be considered a lot to ask of a wrap but I feel that it is good to know that a wrap you purchase can last your entire carrying journey if you want it to, as not everyone can or wants to have a large collection of wraps! I definitly feel TTT has the potential to deliver on that front. It is soft yet it still holds its place well without being too grippy so it is also easy to wrap with. I’ve recently had the chance to try this wrap as a size 6 in the Tri Delphinidae Grey colourway & I feel it works equally as well as a longer wrap!

TTT was so well received as a tester that we’ve even taken the decision to add one of the Oceanic collection to our library of slings available for hire, the beautiful Tri Diadema Black in a size 5 is now resident with us. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what Jacq & Rose has to come in the future. Their website, Facebook page & chatter group are all great places to keep up to date on what’s new as well as any giveaways or travelling wraps that may be happening!


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