REVIEW: Woven Wings Sapphire Geo Woven Wrap

img_1217Woven Wings are a company I have a lot of time for, not only the wraps but the women behind the business. Sarah & Christina are both mums, both women who have a strong connection with each other as well as a passion & belief in what they do. Their respect & dedication to not only their product but those in the community that surround it is wonderful.

The first time I saw Sapphire Geo was at the ‘Take Over Tuesday’ meet in London. Speaking to Sarah, she wasn’t sure it would work as a wrap &, if I’m honest, neither was I. Both for the same reason, the thinness. The colour was unbelieveable, really stunning, but it was so light in hand, maybe a fabric better suited to a scarf or a shawl. How wrong was I?!?

I didn’t spend much time playing with Sapphire at that meet, partly because it was being played with by others but also because I was far too excited to catch up with friends & to get to play with a couple of the other wraps that were there. There was lots of spam to come from others from the day & also from a fellow Winglet who took the wrap home to test after falling in love with it at the meet!

img_1210A few months later I was asked if I would like to host a tester &, as always, I accepted the opportunity. Sapphire landed on our doorstep & I was excited to see how it fared. Sapphire is a single weave, high percentage merino (54%) & cotton blend (46%), weighing in at around 205gsm.

First, or rather second, impressions were one of amazement, I’d certainly forgotten how striking the blue was & how it shimmers. Sapphire is a true black woven with a vivid cobalt blue & this wrap definitely does something amazing in the light, you can see in some of the photographs that it is almost electric! It doesn’t have the thickness or fluffiness that the Woven Wings Merino typically has, it’s like an airier, lighter feeling version of their quad blends.

The first person up in the wrap was actually G & he went up in the wrap quite a bit in the time that it was here. Carrying G is probably where I was most surprised by this blend. My concerns about it being too thin, particularly with a bigger child, disappeared like a gingerbread man left within arms reach of my boys! He went up in a double hammock & stayed put for quite a while as we pottered around the house, chattering away in my ear whilst his brother napped & we were both clearly comfortable. He took a definite liking to this as it became our go-to wrap when sad or tired with me reaching for it a lot with both boys. T was no trouble for this wrap at all, wonderfully comfortable carry every time!

In a single layer carry, the thinness means a more carefully considering wrap-job will be beneficial with a heavier child but it is by no means what I would describe as diggy in any way.

img_1157This wrap was a real joy to wrap with, easy to tighten & get snug. Some people may find it a little smooth, particularly in comparison to other wraps which are more textured, but I found it held its place once tied off & there was no sag either.

Overall, we have a lot of love for this wrap & I know it was also a popular feature at the sling meets it came along to as well. I think this is going to be a wrap that people shouldn’t dismiss on first encounter, I think it will be one that takes a lot of people by surprise too! And I think any breaking in needed will be minimal which is always a win.

I’m really excited to see what colourways this blend is released in but the first to be released is Hippogriff, a navy & gold geo, which is being released at the Northern Sling Exhibition this weekend (4th March 2017). I just wonder what the lovely ladies of Woven Wings have up there sleeves next. Keep your eyes peeled on the Woven Wings facebook page & in the All Things Woven Wings group for more updates on future releases!

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