REVIEW: Jacq & Rose Tri Tanote Teal Woven Wrap

img_0244.jpgJacq & Rose are one of the newest UK brands of machine woven wraps. The brand was created in 2016 by Katie, a mum of two, who found babywearing was a necessity with her youngest in 2012. She then won the opportunity to design a wrap with another brand in 2014 & this only fuelled her passion further to create a woven wrap company of her own.

The first release from Jacq & Rose is the Tri design from the Oceanic collection & we received a visit from Tri Tanote Teal (TTT) in a size 4 on its travels. TTT is woven from 100% combed cotton & weighs in at around 280gsm. Woven on an ecru warp with a teal weft which is said to be “…reminiscent of the crystal clear waters at Tanote Bay on Koh Tao in Thailand and the beautiful parrotfish that swim on the reef” & that is a great description, the colour is really striking!

IMG_9183There are a number of different colourways of the Tri pattern available in the Jacq & Rose online shop, including TTT. Prices start from £100 for a size 2, up to £150 for a size 7. They also offer a babywearing box which is £170 & includes a size 6 wrap (various designs available), a pair of large etched rings, J&R rucksack, a pocket mirror, a copy of Why Babywearing Matters & a voucher for a 30 minute babywearing consultation. A great way to purchase a wrap!

That’s the basics covered. What about first impressions? The wrap had done a bit of travelling before it reached us & when it arrived it was soft & floppy in hand with a real smoothness to touch. The pattern is rows of triangles, in increasing sizes from one edge of the wrap to the other. Whilst quite a simple pattern when laid flat, I can see this working really well when wrapped! I really love the high contrast between colours too, I think my favourite side is actually the ecru side with blue triangles. The pattern also works quite well for learning to wrap thanks to the graduating size of triangles forming bands of pattern across the width of the wrap.

So how does it wrap? We tried this wrap in a number of different carries, as it was a size 4 we tried variations on a front wrap cross carry (FWCC), a ruck & a shepherds. For me, I love it when a wrap works in different carries, both single & multiple layer, especially when it works with newborns, toddlers or even preschoolers being carried. It may be considered a lot to ask of a wrap but I feel that it is good to know that a wrap you purchase can last your entire carrying journey if you want it to, as not everyone can or wants to have a large collection of wraps! I definitly feel TTT has the potential to deliver on that front. It is soft yet it still holds its place well without being too grippy so it is also easy to wrap with. I’ve recently had the chance to try this wrap as a size 6 in the Tri Delphinidae Grey colourway & I feel it works equally as well as a longer wrap!

TTT was so well received as a tester that we’ve even taken the decision to add one of the Oceanic collection to our library of slings available for hire, the beautiful Tri Diadema Black in a size 5 is now resident with us. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what Jacq & Rose has to come in the future. Their website, Facebook page & chatter group are all great places to keep up to date on what’s new as well as any giveaways or travelling wraps that may be happening!


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REVIEW: Lifft Slings Stretchy Wrap

IMG_0520Lifft Slings are a UK company, based locally in Sheffield. Beginning with a pouch sling (which was actually the first sling I used to carry G over 4 years ago!), they introduced a stretchy wrap in December 2016 & it has been travelling the countries sling libraries for feedback.

The company try to source materials for all their products in the UK, followed by the EU & then if that isn’t possible they will look to the rest of the world for them. Another thing that the company are proud of is the fact the all of their stretchy wraps & pouches are made in Yorkshire. This reduces the carbon footprint of the slings as well as meaning you can be sure that the sling is manufactured in good working conditions too.

The first thing I noticed about the stretchy, as did many of the families who tried it out, was the feel of the fabric. It is really lovely & smooth, soft to touch & those characteristics tend to be particularly popular when people are looking for something to carry their newborn. They spent many months searching for just the right fabric & you can tell, it’s a really lovely choice.

The next comments were about how cool it felt to wear, not too heavy or warm. This again shows how much consideration has gone into the fabric choice. Quite a few families who tried it at sessions have commented on how it feels lighter in comparison to others that they have tried. Despite this, no one felt it was lacking in support. In fact, some were actually surprised by how supportive it was. I know there is a misconception that a stretchy wrap is only for those very early days, but this doesn’t have to be the case. I used this wrap with T (aged 13mths) & didn’t feel it was lacking in support at all. We even had a 5 year old in it at one of our sling meets!

The choice of colours has also proved popular. Whilst not a vast range of choice, those which are available are certainly popular. A classic black, a gorgeous plum & a perfect-with-jeans blue are all winners & easy to wear. There were a couple of comments on the colour of thread chosen to hem the wraps. The pale thread does create a contrast against the colour of the wrap, some people like it & others not so much. That said, I don’t think it’s that obvious when you’re using it, particularly as the edges have a tendency to roll inwards slightly due to the nature of the fabric.

plum petrol.jpg

The main words that came up when I asked library users for feedback on the wrap were soft, lightweight, smooth, supportive & comfortable. Overall, I think that’s a pretty accurate description! We have added one of these stretchy wraps to the library (I couldn’t resist the plum!) & I have no doubt that there will be more added in the future due to the fact that I have barely managed to keep it in stock since it was added. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like to hire the wrap we have available on the library or if you would like more information on purchasing your own, you can find all the information on the Lifft Slings website or their facebook page.

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REVIEW: Liliputi Stretchy Wrap in Folk Tale

img_9734Liliputi are a company based in Hungary who manufacture a range of babywearing products including stretchy wraps & soft structured carriers, as well as a range of coordinating accessories such as coats & bags. This stretchy wrap is the first Liliputi product I have had the opportunity to use & it certainly hasn’t been a disappointment.

How many of you have used a stretchy wrap? And how many of you often wished for something that is a bit more exciting in its appearance than simply a single colour? It is something I often hear at sling library sessions that is for sure. The Liliputi (Rainbow Line) stretchy wraps could well be the answer to your wishes!

Arriving in a small drawstring rucksack-style bag, matching the fabric of the wrap, the first thing I noticed when unpacking the wrap was the feel of the fabric. It is really lovely & soft, nice & smooth, almost silky to touch, made from a blend of 97% cotton & 3% spandex. It is a two-way stretchy which many parents who visit the library find easier to use & easy to manoeuvre the fabric around their child. As well as being a two-way stretch, it also has a good degree of elasticity (spring-back) which means it feels nice & supportive when carrying. It is slightly thicker than some other stretchy wraps, such as Hana or Snugiwraps, but it is not a heavy-weight wrap by any means.


The wrap is around 5m in length & 60cm in width. This is a fairly standard length for a stretchy wrap & is mid-range in terms of the width when compared to other wraps, such as the JPMBB Original which measures at 70cm wide & the Boba which measures at 50cm wide. People liked the width as it didn’t feel too much with a newborn baby but didn’t feel too narrow with a bigger child either (T is one in the pictures featured in this review), which is great as it is safety-tested up to a weight of 9kg. It is also machine washable, which is pretty much an essential with a newborn!

img_7871The next thing I noticed is the bright, patterned panel in the centre of the wrap. It is 100% cotton (as opposed to the 97% cotton / 3% spandex of the main body of the wrap) & comes in a variety of different patterns, this one is known as Folk-Tale & is a hugely popular pattern used in many brands of carrier. This panel is what I think will be a major plus point for this wrap as it adds the element of excitement to what is normally quite a plain wrap. The panel is not only decorative, but creates an easy-to-find middle marker. It is also designed as a pocket, however I’m not sure what I would use it to carry as the panel generally sits directly over the childs back, thus leaving the pocket unsuitable for anything which may cause harm or discomfort to them such as keys or a phone. Aside from the aesthetic qualities the panel adds, the other thing some parents commented on as something they liked, was that they felt the non-stretch fabric added a feeling of security & reduced the ‘bounce’ of the wrap when carrying.

Overall, I think this wrap is going to be a popular one in the library. I think the addition of the patterned panel will make it popular with those who want something different to a plain stretchy but still want a nice, easy-to-use stretchy wrap that is budget friendly (it is priced at around £38.00 plus delivery from UK retailers). If you would prefer a plain wrap but like the feel & wrapping qualities, Liliputi do also offer a single colour wrap without the panel. You can buy direct from Liliputi or they have a list of official UK retailers on their website (don’t forget to check, if you have used a sling library, as you may find there is a discount code available for use should you wish to order).

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REVIEW: Woven Wings Sapphire Geo Woven Wrap

img_1217Woven Wings are a company I have a lot of time for, not only the wraps but the women behind the business. Sarah & Christina are both mums, both women who have a strong connection with each other as well as a passion & belief in what they do. Their respect & dedication to not only their product but those in the community that surround it is wonderful.

The first time I saw Sapphire Geo was at the ‘Take Over Tuesday’ meet in London. Speaking to Sarah, she wasn’t sure it would work as a wrap &, if I’m honest, neither was I. Both for the same reason, the thinness. The colour was unbelieveable, really stunning, but it was so light in hand, maybe a fabric better suited to a scarf or a shawl. How wrong was I?!?

I didn’t spend much time playing with Sapphire at that meet, partly because it was being played with by others but also because I was far too excited to catch up with friends & to get to play with a couple of the other wraps that were there. There was lots of spam to come from others from the day & also from a fellow Winglet who took the wrap home to test after falling in love with it at the meet!

img_1210A few months later I was asked if I would like to host a tester &, as always, I accepted the opportunity. Sapphire landed on our doorstep & I was excited to see how it fared. Sapphire is a single weave, high percentage merino (54%) & cotton blend (46%), weighing in at around 205gsm.

First, or rather second, impressions were one of amazement, I’d certainly forgotten how striking the blue was & how it shimmers. Sapphire is a true black woven with a vivid cobalt blue & this wrap definitely does something amazing in the light, you can see in some of the photographs that it is almost electric! It doesn’t have the thickness or fluffiness that the Woven Wings Merino typically has, it’s like an airier, lighter feeling version of their quad blends.

The first person up in the wrap was actually G & he went up in the wrap quite a bit in the time that it was here. Carrying G is probably where I was most surprised by this blend. My concerns about it being too thin, particularly with a bigger child, disappeared like a gingerbread man left within arms reach of my boys! He went up in a double hammock & stayed put for quite a while as we pottered around the house, chattering away in my ear whilst his brother napped & we were both clearly comfortable. He took a definite liking to this as it became our go-to wrap when sad or tired with me reaching for it a lot with both boys. T was no trouble for this wrap at all, wonderfully comfortable carry every time!

In a single layer carry, the thinness means a more carefully considering wrap-job will be beneficial with a heavier child but it is by no means what I would describe as diggy in any way.

img_1157This wrap was a real joy to wrap with, easy to tighten & get snug. Some people may find it a little smooth, particularly in comparison to other wraps which are more textured, but I found it held its place once tied off & there was no sag either.

Overall, we have a lot of love for this wrap & I know it was also a popular feature at the sling meets it came along to as well. I think this is going to be a wrap that people shouldn’t dismiss on first encounter, I think it will be one that takes a lot of people by surprise too! And I think any breaking in needed will be minimal which is always a win.

I’m really excited to see what colourways this blend is released in but the first to be released is Hippogriff, a navy & gold geo, which is being released at the Northern Sling Exhibition this weekend (4th March 2017). I just wonder what the lovely ladies of Woven Wings have up there sleeves next. Keep your eyes peeled on the Woven Wings facebook page & in the All Things Woven Wings group for more updates on future releases!

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REVIEW: Ruck n Roll Handwovens Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh Woven Wrap

img_2423This is the third wrap woven by Jo-Anne of Ruck n Roll Handwovens & the second that I have had the pleasure of wrapping with. The first being the wonderful Rainbow Unicorn Butt Fluff (RUBF) which joined us for our trip down to London last November & are big shoes to fill!

Let me introduce you to Under my Umbrella, Ella Ella (Eh Eh Eh), also know as Ella. This beauty was woven for a ‘battle’ in the facebook group ‘Wrap Battles: The Battle Ground‘ where 2 weavers are given a randomly selected inspiration image & challenged to weave a wrap each. Both wraps are then anonymously revealed & group members vote for their favourite. Jo-Anne was up against Sian of To The Loom & Back, both created beautiful pieces but there can only be one winner & Jo-Anne came out on top. Below you can see the reveal collages either side of the inspiration picture.

Ella has an Egyptian cotton warp which has been hand dyed, something Jo-Anne is showing a real talent for, especially when working with an inspiration picture. It is woven along with a weft comprised of baby camel & mulberry silk in a crackle weave. It weighs in at around 315gsm & is around 4.2m but stretches out a little with wear to around 4.4m. I know animal fibres can sometimes raise an eyebrow or two but, according to discussions in the Ruck n Roll chatter group on facebook, the fibres used in this wrap are “humanely harvested, sustainable etc…no harm to animals” & the yarn is from a store which “sources their yarn ethically”. The baby camel is almost like an undercoat on the animal which is harvested as it is shed & then spun.

The first time I saw Ella in person was actually at Carry On London. The lovely Samantha who was testing the wrap at the time was there wearing it so I just had to go & stroke it! My main worry was that it was possibly going to be quite heavy & quite prickly, especially because I’m not normally a fan of wool-like fibres & I tend to find them unpleasant to touch. I’m always happy to be proven wrong & proven wrong I was. This wrap is not prickly at all. Not in the slightest. And this brief encounter left me excited for my turn to test!

img_4920I think G must know when a wrap arrives from Jo-Anne as the minute it is out of the packaging he stakes a claim to it & rolls around in it! He also tends to come up in the wraps quite a lot which means I get to test them out with both big & small! This wrap got a thorough testing as it came along with us on a visit to stay with at my mums in Wales, which means plenty of fresh air & walking as well as lots of snuggling with the boys!

Although the wrap has quite a weighty gsm (315), it certainly doesn’t feel dense or heavy as some people may expect with a fibre such as baby camel. It has an impressive amount of stretch which translates to a nice snug, (until you’re battling with a wriggling 10mth old!), solid carry. And despite giving a solid carry, it is so cushy & pillowy-soft, I can see why G enjoys snuggling up with this one!

Visually this wrap is stunning. As well as the hand dyed warp, once the wrap had been wet finished, Jo-Anne painted highlights on to represent the street lights from the original inspiration picture. These are unique to this wrap & make it a complete one-off piece. It has two distinct edges & looks different depending on which way up you wrap it.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I wrap G or T in this wrap, it is another wonderful creation from Jo-Anne. Regardless of whether we’re talking wrapping qualities or aesthetics, I think she has a real talent for weaving & dyeing, it is like she knows exactly what to do with something to really make it shine! To keep up to date with what is going on in the world of Ruck n Roll Handwovens, you can follow the facebook page & join the chatter group. I have a feeling things are just going to keep getting better & better!

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REVIEW: Global Tapestry Inoshi Baby Carrier

img_3391Global Tapestry are an Australian company owned by Jen, a Babywearing Consultant & Mum of three. They are the designer & maker of the Inoshi Baby Carrier, a really interesting concept which is part carrier & part wrap! Pricing starts from $175 (Australian Dollars), the rollie is $25 & the hood is $35. There is also postage to be added to this &, as yet, there are no UK retailers.

15451426_10153897933110633_218113718_n-2What about the Inoshi? What is it? How did it come about? It started as something Jen created to help her do a back carry. She liked the idea of attaching a belt to the wrap which would then be tied around the person wrapping. In 2014, the first design of the Inoshi was born. It wasn’t Jen’s initial intention for Inoshi to be put into production but “…life changes & you need to make changes with it” so the decision was made to look into what it would take to turn this from an idea into a carrier which would be for sale to the public! There were a variety of prototypes & Jen took feedback from others to help develop the design into the carrier we see today (see the image below). I was also curious about how the name of the carrier came about & Jen explained to me;

“…is a combination of our eldest daughter INara and our middle daughter Shoshana (shOSHI) (and a friend pointed out that our son NOah is also represented in there!)”.

So, what about using the Inoshi? We had great fun trying it out at different sling meets as well as at home with the boys. We had quite a few people at sling meets who were curious about it, I know some would love the opportunity to get to know it a little better  & hopefully it will be coming for another visit to the library in the future!

It’s definitely something that can take some getting used to, especially if you’re used to wrapping in particular ways, although that does mean that it can encourage you to try something new & get you out of your comfort zone! There were a couple of things people found frustrating. Those who’s preferred method for getting little one onto their back is the superman toss felt it wasn’t something you could do with the Inoshi & that a hip-scoot (as recommended in their ‘get going guide‘) was the way to go.

img_3101The other thing that frustrated people was the fixed starting point. When wrapping with a woven there are some carries where you start off-centre, however this isn’t possible in the Inoshi. It doesn’t stop you doing these carries by any means, it simply means you will be left with slightly uneven tails & may need a slightly longer size than if you were able to start off-centre.

One of the main positives that people mentioned was that they felt the waistband reduced their anxiety about their little one popping their seat, which can really boost people’s confidence when it comes to getting started, particularly with back carries. Another positive was the fabric, people loved the Little Frog fabric & felt it was a great choice for the carrier.

The hood and the soft rollie were also popular with those who tried it in the library sessions. The rollie was added to the design to help size the carrier for smaller babies & is a similar idea to using a muslin square rolled into the top of the wrap, people really liked the idea of the little cushion that it gives. The hood is something some people say they miss from using a structured carrier & they felt that the Inoshi having a hood gives them the best of both, especially as it is removable.

Overall, the Inoshi is a really interesting concept & it certainly has its place in the market. It is something different & I definitely think there are people who will find it a gamechanger for them. I loved the confidence that it gave people! It is still a relatively new carrier on the market so having these testers travelling around is a great idea to raise the profile of the Inoshi. I think the more people are able to play with it, the more they are able to learn about it, the more popular they will become!

Keep up to date with all the Global Tapestry happenings over on their Facebook page & in their chatter group!


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REVIEW: SUPU Wovens Flight Woven Wrap

img_1762SUPU Woven Wraps is a new company which was started in 2016 by Jess, a new mum from New Zealand & living in Manchester. Having worked as a designer up until her daughter was born, she was unable to return to work so decided to combine her passions for textiles & motherhood to create a range of woven wraps.

SUPU is an unusual name & a look at the facebook page brings a post which explains all about where the name came from, in Jess’ own words;

“…On a trip back to New Zealand me and my man had been mulling over the idea of starting a woven wrap company and the talks were getting more heated with excitement. We were near the end of our holiday and were visiting one of my favourite spots Waikoropupu springs, Pupu for short. Pupu Springs is home to the clearest waters in the world or so the locals say. It was there that we found our clarity and decided to take the plunge (not physically, the water is beyond freezing). However, we did take the virtual plunge and started SUPU. Now I would have called the wraps PUPU if I thought it could work. ‘Hey, have you seen that new wrap company PUPU’? ‘What….. Poo Poo?’. Hmmmmm, I don’t think so. I took the S from Slings and SUPU was born.”

The first design from the company is Flight, a design which has been inspired by the peacock feather. The colourway we were sent to review is the tester wrap, however it has been woven on the same warp in two colourways; Storm (teal with deep blue) & Blaze (teal with a deep red). Flight is woven in a twill weave, weighs in at around 290gsm & is made from 100% Egyptian cotton. A size 6 measures around 4.8m in length & around 70cm in width, retailing at £170 plus postage.


When Flight first arrived, I was surprised at quite how soft the wrap was. I know it had done some travelling before it reached me but it was a big squishy pile of softness & really floppy. It feels almost silky in hand but the weave creates an almost ribbed effect which gives texture to the wrap, you can feel the ridges as you run the wrap between your fingers. The slightly looser weave means that, although being at the higher end of the average wrap gsm, it doesn’t feel dense or heavy.

img_1679Some people worry that all cotton wraps are not good with bigger children or that looser weave wraps will sag quickly or will not offer the support needed to carry a bigger child but that isn’t the case with this wrap, or with many wraps for that matter. Flight is fluid to wrap with & it offers a comfortable wrap job, especially in multiple layer carries & with accurate tightening. The texture of the wrap helps to add some degree of grip which helps to reduce the level of slip & sag that can happen with some wraps.

I took the wrap along to the Slingababy CPD session whilst it was visiting & my colleague, Paul, pinched T to give the wrap a try. He even managed to get a wrap nap with him! This is what he had to say;

“This is beautiful to wrap with, it’s hard wearing and yet cushy – suitable for babies and I can only guess for bigger kids alike.

It has a unique pattern, that is like nothing I’ve worn before and really shows design flair and passion.”


Overall, this wrap was a popular one with both those new to wrapping and experienced wrappers alike. Lots of people were attracted to it for a number of reasons, be it aesthetics, tactility or wrapping qualities. I’m really interested to see where Jess takes SUPU  next & see what designs are next off the loom. Keep your eyes on the SUPU Woven Wraps facebook page & the SUPU Social facebook group for more updates from this upcoming company!


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REVIEW: Ruck n Roll Handwovens Rainbow Unicorn Butt Fluff Woven Wrap

img_0317Ruck n Roll Handwovens is a relatively new business producing handwoven wraps. I’ve known Jo-Anne for a while, have holidayed quite a few of her wraps & lusted over even more of the wraps that she has owned! In late 2015, she bought a loom & all started moving forwards from there.

Rainbow Unicorn Butt Fluff (RUBF) is the first of the wraps woven by Jo-Anne that I’ve had the pleasure of wrapping with & a pleasure it certainly is, right from arrival! Arriving with a large zipped tote, emblazoned with the Ruck n Roll logo, & wrapped in beautiful, custom ribbon, RUBF certainly makes its mark when it arrives & G was definitely excited to come up. Yup. You read that right. G was excited to come up, he even claimed it as a blanket on the drive up to school! Despite being a sloppy wrap job with a giggling, wriggling preschooler wanting a front carry, RUBF definitely gave us a glimpse of what we’d let ourselves in for when signing up to the tester list.

RUBF is 100% cotton (Egyptian cotton warp with Pima cotton weft) & it’s woven in the (affectionately titled) Wonder Woman weave, weighing in the region of 300gsm & measuring around 3.9m (although this is likely to change slightly with wash & wear) which make it a little over a size 4 (traditionally considered 3.7m) with blunt ends as opposed to tapered. The wrap is made of a number of different skeins, with a variety of different colours, meaning the wrap can completely change its appearance depending on how it is wrapped & the placement of each section of colour. There are blues, green, teals, pinks, yellows & more, all coming together to create a really beautiful weft which is set off perfectly by the white warp.

img_0356We got to give this wrap a really thorough testing as it was one of the wraps that came with us on our weekend trip to the capital for the Carry On London event. 3 days mooching around the capital is not an easy task & it was a real test for Rob as he much prefers a longer wrap for a front carry!

As the trek down to London is a few hours for us, I got to spend time cuddling & snuggling the wrap & I have come to the conclusion that squidgy is a great word to use to describe this wrap, I can definitely say that this wrap is squidgy! The journey also gave me time to appreciate quite how complex the weave of this wrap is. It is a weave which, in my experience, is unique to a handwoven wrap. I don’t think you would get a wrap like this which has been woven on a machine. The weave not only gives a gorgeous visual effect but it gives a really interesting texture to the wrap as well.

Which leads me nicely onto how does it feel to wrap with? It has enough grip to hold passes in place yet still remains fluid to wrap with & it drapes nicely in hand. I was curious to see how a slip knot would tighten & whether I would feel like it was shifting threads as you move the knot. However it wasn’t an issue at all, it tightened smoothly & held firm. The structure of the weave also adds an element of stretch which aids with creating a smooth & snug wrap job.


Another good word to describe it is cushy, amazingly cushy. Whether carrying G or T, this wrap is more than up to the job. G isn’t the biggest preschooler but not once did I find it diggy on my shoulders. Saying cotton isn’t toddler-worthy is a huge bug bear of mine & this is another wrap that is proof that simply isn’t the case.

When I asked Rob what he would say about RUBF, his words were;

“It’s epic, comfy, supportive and looks stunning.”

I think that’s a pretty accurate description if I’m honest & probably a good place to end the review of Rainbow Unicorn Butt Fluff. We were more than a little bit sad to see the wrap leave & I know George looks forward to wraps arriving from Jo-Anne now, especially after having met her in person. I will be keeping my ears to the ground for news of custom slots opening up & if this wrap is anything to go by then Jo-Anne of Ruck n Roll Handwovens is definitely going to be a weaver to watch! The facebook page & chatter group are great places to keep up with what’s going on the loom & what is coming up as well as sneaky peeks of how pieces are looking as they’re woven. I can’t wait to see what is created next!

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REVIEW: Woven Wings DNA (Blue) Woven Wrap

img_8245I have recently been lucky enough to have another couple of prototype wraps visit from Woven Wings HQ, the first of which was the blue version of the DNA pattern. It is 100% cotton, weighing in at roughly 250gsm & feels quite light in hand.

I first played with this wrap at Slingababy CPD in March of this year, when T was around 5 weeks old & really liked how it wrapped during the brief play I had with it during the social session. I was experimenting with sling rings & a front double hammock so decided to try it out with this wrap. The wrap feels quite smooth & I worried it wouldn’t respond well to the ring finish, but I needn’t have worried & was impressed with how well the carry held.

When T was around 20 weeks old, we were lucky enough to have a this wonderful wrap come to stay for a short holiday. It gave me chance to spend more time testing the wrap out properly & get a real feel for it. The pattern is one of those that I find doesn’t do a great deal for me when it’s laid flat but really comes alive when it’s wrapped! It’s quite different as one side shows a single colour with the pattern coming through in different shades of blue, but the other shows bands of different shades with the pattern coming though in a single colour. It’s actually quite intricate & geometric when you look more closely.

As I mentioned earlier, it feels quite smooth to touch which makes it quite easy to wrap with & a wonderful drape in hand which also adds to this feeling good to wrap with. The passes move into place easily & it gives a lovely, snug wrap job yet still manages to deliver some cush on the shoulders, despite feeling quite lightweight. To get a comfortable carry for longer periods with G I have to wrap a little more carefully although that is the case with a lot of wraps now, especially in a single layer carry. Not surprising though, considering he is three & a half now!

img_8151Overall, it’s another beautiful wrap from Woven Wings but I definitely think this pattern will be one which divides opinion & will surprise as it is quite different to patterns we have previously seen from them. I love the fact that this wrap can look completely different depending on which side you have facing outwards, it looks great with jeans yet could look equally wonderful on a special occasion. It is soft & perfect for a newborn when broken in, especially considering it is easycare & can be machine washed without worry (great when your newborn is a chucker like T!). For a toddler or preschooler, I think I would lean towards this as a longer wrap as opposed to a shorty for multiple layer carries. That said, it doesn’t struggle for a quick ruck if wrapped well!

There is no news on whether this pattern or colourway is going to be woven for release but the best way to keep up to date with all upcoming releases is to check posts on the Woven Wings Facebook page & to join the All Things Woven Wings Facebook group where all the chatter happens!

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REVIEW: Woven Wings Mad Men: The Black & Gold Edition

IMG_9068We all know I’m a fan of the wonderful work that the talented ladies of Woven Wings do & when we recently had our second baby (more to come in that one later!) we bought one of their wraps as ‘baby’s wrap’ after G announced to us that all of wraps on our stash shelf were his! Our new addition was almost two weeks old when I received a message asking if I’d like a to review a squish worthy wrap & I’m sure you can imagine my excitement. Of course I said yes & then patiently waited for the postman to arrive!

IMG_4550.JPGWhen the parcel arrived, my first thought was how lightweight & small it appeared. As daft as that may sound, I was curious what could be in there & what size it must be to fit in a parcel that size, especially as my go-to wraps with squish have been long ones! Pinned under a feeding squish, I had a torturous half hour whilst I waited to open it & when I finally did, I was really surprised to find a long wrap inside! As I had no idea what was coming, the design was a bit of a surprise too as I’d only seen images of one wrap from the ‘Mad Men’ collection & that is Marilyn, a beautiful pink/black/white variation on this design. This wrap is a stylish combination of black & a champagne-gold colour, made from 100% cotton. I guessed from the feel of the wrap in hand that it was brand new & in need of a wash so, after a cheeky pre-wash wrap, I popped it in the machine on our hand wash setting & then set it out to dry.

For those of you who are familiar with Woven Wings wraps, at this point, this wrap feels almost like a combination of the American Quilt wraps (such as Forest Lake) & the early fairies (such as Cobweb). It isn’t as heavy in hand as the quilts feel but not as thin in hand as the fairies feel. It seems to sit really well in between the two in terms of weight & density. It doesn’t have the airy weave that some of the other wings have, think London Geo, but it doesn’t feel heavy or warm & although it definitely needs some breaking in on first arrival, it isn’t a beast by any stretch of the imagination! It has a really wonderful smoothness which definitely translates when wrapping. It isn’t slippy but passes are easy to manoeuvre into place & tighten yet hold in place once the carry is tied off. The slight diagonal stretch the wrap has lends itself to a lovely snug carry which moulds well, especially the more it breaks in.


I’ve been using this wrap with both boys to give it a really good test. And in this long size it has been fab, whether it be a FWCC with a two-week old newborn or a double hammock with a three-year old toddler, I’ve been really impressed! It’s great in a multiple layer carry & even in a single layer carry it is comfortable on my troublesome shoulders when wrapped well. The more it breaks in, the more it begins to shine & the wrapping qualities just get better & better.

I’ve also had the chance to play with this wrap in the form of a ring sling thanks to my friend & colleague Paul (the ring sling guru!) who has been given the pleasure of reviewing it with the new ‘Woven Wings’ shoulder offered by the talented Sarah of Chunkle Munkle but I’ll leave it to him to tell you more about how it works as a ring sling & what he thinks to the new shoulder style. I’ll link his review here as soon as it’s ready!


Overall, this is another wonderful wrap from a wonderful company. It does need some breaking in when brand new but breaks in quickly with use, really benefitting from a wash & a steam iron. I love how it begins to mould as it breaks in & how the passes are easy to move into place. The pattern is different yet reminiscent of the geometric patterns we have come to love from Woven Wings. I can’t wait to see what other colours & blends this wrap is released in, as well as what other beautiful wraps the ever talented ladies of WWHQ have up their sleeves.

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