REVIEW: Global Tapestry Inoshi Baby Carrier

img_3391Global Tapestry are an Australian company owned by Jen, a Babywearing Consultant & Mum of three. They are the designer & maker of the Inoshi Baby Carrier, a really interesting concept which is part carrier & part wrap! Pricing starts from $175 (Australian Dollars), the rollie is $25 & the hood is $35. There is also postage to be added to this &, as yet, there are no UK retailers.

15451426_10153897933110633_218113718_n-2What about the Inoshi? What is it? How did it come about? It started as something Jen created to help her do a back carry. She liked the idea of attaching a belt to the wrap which would then be tied around the person wrapping. In 2014, the first design of the Inoshi was born. It wasn’t Jen’s initial intention for Inoshi to be put into production but “…life changes & you need to make changes with it” so the decision was made to look into what it would take to turn this from an idea into a carrier which would be for sale to the public! There were a variety of prototypes & Jen took feedback from others to help develop the design into the carrier we see today (see the image below). I was also curious about how the name of the carrier came about & Jen explained to me;

“…is a combination of our eldest daughter INara and our middle daughter Shoshana (shOSHI) (and a friend pointed out that our son NOah is also represented in there!)”.

So, what about using the Inoshi? We had great fun trying it out at different sling meets as well as at home with the boys. We had quite a few people at sling meets who were curious about it, I know some would love the opportunity to get to know it a little better  & hopefully it will be coming for another visit to the library in the future!

It’s definitely something that can take some getting used to, especially if you’re used to wrapping in particular ways, although that does mean that it can encourage you to try something new & get you out of your comfort zone! There were a couple of things people found frustrating. Those who’s preferred method for getting little one onto their back is the superman toss felt it wasn’t something you could do with the Inoshi & that a hip-scoot (as recommended in their ‘get going guide‘) was the way to go.

img_3101The other thing that frustrated people was the fixed starting point. When wrapping with a woven there are some carries where you start off-centre, however this isn’t possible in the Inoshi. It doesn’t stop you doing these carries by any means, it simply means you will be left with slightly uneven tails & may need a slightly longer size than if you were able to start off-centre.

One of the main positives that people mentioned was that they felt the waistband reduced their anxiety about their little one popping their seat, which can really boost people’s confidence when it comes to getting started, particularly with back carries. Another positive was the fabric, people loved the Little Frog fabric & felt it was a great choice for the carrier.

The hood and the soft rollie were also popular with those who tried it in the library sessions. The rollie was added to the design to help size the carrier for smaller babies & is a similar idea to using a muslin square rolled into the top of the wrap, people really liked the idea of the little cushion that it gives. The hood is something some people say they miss from using a structured carrier & they felt that the Inoshi having a hood gives them the best of both, especially as it is removable.

Overall, the Inoshi is a really interesting concept & it certainly has its place in the market. It is something different & I definitely think there are people who will find it a gamechanger for them. I loved the confidence that it gave people! It is still a relatively new carrier on the market so having these testers travelling around is a great idea to raise the profile of the Inoshi. I think the more people are able to play with it, the more they are able to learn about it, the more popular they will become!

Keep up to date with all the Global Tapestry happenings over on their Facebook page & in their chatter group!


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