REVIEW: SUPU Wovens Flight Woven Wrap

img_1762SUPU Woven Wraps is a new company which was started in 2016 by Jess, a new mum from New Zealand & living in Manchester. Having worked as a designer up until her daughter was born, she was unable to return to work so decided to combine her passions for textiles & motherhood to create a range of woven wraps.

SUPU is an unusual name & a look at the facebook page brings a post which explains all about where the name came from, in Jess’ own words;

“…On a trip back to New Zealand me and my man had been mulling over the idea of starting a woven wrap company and the talks were getting more heated with excitement. We were near the end of our holiday and were visiting one of my favourite spots Waikoropupu springs, Pupu for short. Pupu Springs is home to the clearest waters in the world or so the locals say. It was there that we found our clarity and decided to take the plunge (not physically, the water is beyond freezing). However, we did take the virtual plunge and started SUPU. Now I would have called the wraps PUPU if I thought it could work. ‘Hey, have you seen that new wrap company PUPU’? ‘What….. Poo Poo?’. Hmmmmm, I don’t think so. I took the S from Slings and SUPU was born.”

The first design from the company is Flight, a design which has been inspired by the peacock feather. The colourway we were sent to review is the tester wrap, however it has been woven on the same warp in two colourways; Storm (teal with deep blue) & Blaze (teal with a deep red). Flight is woven in a twill weave, weighs in at around 290gsm & is made from 100% Egyptian cotton. A size 6 measures around 4.8m in length & around 70cm in width, retailing at £170 plus postage.


When Flight first arrived, I was surprised at quite how soft the wrap was. I know it had done some travelling before it reached me but it was a big squishy pile of softness & really floppy. It feels almost silky in hand but the weave creates an almost ribbed effect which gives texture to the wrap, you can feel the ridges as you run the wrap between your fingers. The slightly looser weave means that, although being at the higher end of the average wrap gsm, it doesn’t feel dense or heavy.

img_1679Some people worry that all cotton wraps are not good with bigger children or that looser weave wraps will sag quickly or will not offer the support needed to carry a bigger child but that isn’t the case with this wrap, or with many wraps for that matter. Flight is fluid to wrap with & it offers a comfortable wrap job, especially in multiple layer carries & with accurate tightening. The texture of the wrap helps to add some degree of grip which helps to reduce the level of slip & sag that can happen with some wraps.

I took the wrap along to the Slingababy CPD session whilst it was visiting & my colleague, Paul, pinched T to give the wrap a try. He even managed to get a wrap nap with him! This is what he had to say;

“This is beautiful to wrap with, it’s hard wearing and yet cushy – suitable for babies and I can only guess for bigger kids alike.

It has a unique pattern, that is like nothing I’ve worn before and really shows design flair and passion.”


Overall, this wrap was a popular one with both those new to wrapping and experienced wrappers alike. Lots of people were attracted to it for a number of reasons, be it aesthetics, tactility or wrapping qualities. I’m really interested to see where Jess takes SUPU  next & see what designs are next off the loom. Keep your eyes on the SUPU Woven Wraps facebook page & the SUPU Social facebook group for more updates from this upcoming company!


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