REVIEW: Ruck n Roll Handwovens Rainbow Unicorn Butt Fluff Woven Wrap

img_0317Ruck n Roll Handwovens is a relatively new business producing handwoven wraps. I’ve known Jo-Anne for a while, have holidayed quite a few of her wraps & lusted over even more of the wraps that she has owned! In late 2015, she bought a loom & all started moving forwards from there.

Rainbow Unicorn Butt Fluff (RUBF) is the first of the wraps woven by Jo-Anne that I’ve had the pleasure of wrapping with & a pleasure it certainly is, right from arrival! Arriving with a large zipped tote, emblazoned with the Ruck n Roll logo, & wrapped in beautiful, custom ribbon, RUBF certainly makes its mark when it arrives & G was definitely excited to come up. Yup. You read that right. G was excited to come up, he even claimed it as a blanket on the drive up to school! Despite being a sloppy wrap job with a giggling, wriggling preschooler wanting a front carry, RUBF definitely gave us a glimpse of what we’d let ourselves in for when signing up to the tester list.

RUBF is 100% cotton (Egyptian cotton warp with Pima cotton weft) & it’s woven in the (affectionately titled) Wonder Woman weave, weighing in the region of 300gsm & measuring around 3.9m (although this is likely to change slightly with wash & wear) which make it a little over a size 4 (traditionally considered 3.7m) with blunt ends as opposed to tapered. The wrap is made of a number of different skeins, with a variety of different colours, meaning the wrap can completely change its appearance depending on how it is wrapped & the placement of each section of colour. There are blues, green, teals, pinks, yellows & more, all coming together to create a really beautiful weft which is set off perfectly by the white warp.

img_0356We got to give this wrap a really thorough testing as it was one of the wraps that came with us on our weekend trip to the capital for the Carry On London event. 3 days mooching around the capital is not an easy task & it was a real test for Rob as he much prefers a longer wrap for a front carry!

As the trek down to London is a few hours for us, I got to spend time cuddling & snuggling the wrap & I have come to the conclusion that squidgy is a great word to use to describe this wrap, I can definitely say that this wrap is squidgy! The journey also gave me time to appreciate quite how complex the weave of this wrap is. It is a weave which, in my experience, is unique to a handwoven wrap. I don’t think you would get a wrap like this which has been woven on a machine. The weave not only gives a gorgeous visual effect but it gives a really interesting texture to the wrap as well.

Which leads me nicely onto how does it feel to wrap with? It has enough grip to hold passes in place yet still remains fluid to wrap with & it drapes nicely in hand. I was curious to see how a slip knot would tighten & whether I would feel like it was shifting threads as you move the knot. However it wasn’t an issue at all, it tightened smoothly & held firm. The structure of the weave also adds an element of stretch which aids with creating a smooth & snug wrap job.


Another good word to describe it is cushy, amazingly cushy. Whether carrying G or T, this wrap is more than up to the job. G isn’t the biggest preschooler but not once did I find it diggy on my shoulders. Saying cotton isn’t toddler-worthy is a huge bug bear of mine & this is another wrap that is proof that simply isn’t the case.

When I asked Rob what he would say about RUBF, his words were;

“It’s epic, comfy, supportive and looks stunning.”

I think that’s a pretty accurate description if I’m honest & probably a good place to end the review of Rainbow Unicorn Butt Fluff. We were more than a little bit sad to see the wrap leave & I know George looks forward to wraps arriving from Jo-Anne now, especially after having met her in person. I will be keeping my ears to the ground for news of custom slots opening up & if this wrap is anything to go by then Jo-Anne of Ruck n Roll Handwovens is definitely going to be a weaver to watch! The facebook page & chatter group are great places to keep up with what’s going on the loom & what is coming up as well as sneaky peeks of how pieces are looking as they’re woven. I can’t wait to see what is created next!

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