REVIEW: Woven Wings DNA (Blue) Woven Wrap

img_8245I have recently been lucky enough to have another couple of prototype wraps visit from Woven Wings HQ, the first of which was the blue version of the DNA pattern. It is 100% cotton, weighing in at roughly 250gsm & feels quite light in hand.

I first played with this wrap at Slingababy CPD in March of this year, when T was around 5 weeks old & really liked how it wrapped during the brief play I had with it during the social session. I was experimenting with sling rings & a front double hammock so decided to try it out with this wrap. The wrap feels quite smooth & I worried it wouldn’t respond well to the ring finish, but I needn’t have worried & was impressed with how well the carry held.

When T was around 20 weeks old, we were lucky enough to have a this wonderful wrap come to stay for a short holiday. It gave me chance to spend more time testing the wrap out properly & get a real feel for it. The pattern is one of those that I find doesn’t do a great deal for me when it’s laid flat but really comes alive when it’s wrapped! It’s quite different as one side shows a single colour with the pattern coming through in different shades of blue, but the other shows bands of different shades with the pattern coming though in a single colour. It’s actually quite intricate & geometric when you look more closely.

As I mentioned earlier, it feels quite smooth to touch which makes it quite easy to wrap with & a wonderful drape in hand which also adds to this feeling good to wrap with. The passes move into place easily & it gives a lovely, snug wrap job yet still manages to deliver some cush on the shoulders, despite feeling quite lightweight. To get a comfortable carry for longer periods with G I have to wrap a little more carefully although that is the case with a lot of wraps now, especially in a single layer carry. Not surprising though, considering he is three & a half now!

img_8151Overall, it’s another beautiful wrap from Woven Wings but I definitely think this pattern will be one which divides opinion & will surprise as it is quite different to patterns we have previously seen from them. I love the fact that this wrap can look completely different depending on which side you have facing outwards, it looks great with jeans yet could look equally wonderful on a special occasion. It is soft & perfect for a newborn when broken in, especially considering it is easycare & can be machine washed without worry (great when your newborn is a chucker like T!). For a toddler or preschooler, I think I would lean towards this as a longer wrap as opposed to a shorty for multiple layer carries. That said, it doesn’t struggle for a quick ruck if wrapped well!

There is no news on whether this pattern or colourway is going to be woven for release but the best way to keep up to date with all upcoming releases is to check posts on the Woven Wings Facebook page & to join the All Things Woven Wings Facebook group where all the chatter happens!

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