REVIEW: Woven Wings Mad Men: The Black & Gold Edition

IMG_9068We all know I’m a fan of the wonderful work that the talented ladies of Woven Wings do & when we recently had our second baby (more to come in that one later!) we bought one of their wraps as ‘baby’s wrap’ after G announced to us that all of wraps on our stash shelf were his! Our new addition was almost two weeks old when I received a message asking if I’d like a to review a squish worthy wrap & I’m sure you can imagine my excitement. Of course I said yes & then patiently waited for the postman to arrive!

IMG_4550.JPGWhen the parcel arrived, my first thought was how lightweight & small it appeared. As daft as that may sound, I was curious what could be in there & what size it must be to fit in a parcel that size, especially as my go-to wraps with squish have been long ones! Pinned under a feeding squish, I had a torturous half hour whilst I waited to open it & when I finally did, I was really surprised to find a long wrap inside! As I had no idea what was coming, the design was a bit of a surprise too as I’d only seen images of one wrap from the ‘Mad Men’ collection & that is Marilyn, a beautiful pink/black/white variation on this design. This wrap is a stylish combination of black & a champagne-gold colour, made from 100% cotton. I guessed from the feel of the wrap in hand that it was brand new & in need of a wash so, after a cheeky pre-wash wrap, I popped it in the machine on our hand wash setting & then set it out to dry.

For those of you who are familiar with Woven Wings wraps, at this point, this wrap feels almost like a combination of the American Quilt wraps (such as Forest Lake) & the early fairies (such as Cobweb). It isn’t as heavy in hand as the quilts feel but not as thin in hand as the fairies feel. It seems to sit really well in between the two in terms of weight & density. It doesn’t have the airy weave that some of the other wings have, think London Geo, but it doesn’t feel heavy or warm & although it definitely needs some breaking in on first arrival, it isn’t a beast by any stretch of the imagination! It has a really wonderful smoothness which definitely translates when wrapping. It isn’t slippy but passes are easy to manoeuvre into place & tighten yet hold in place once the carry is tied off. The slight diagonal stretch the wrap has lends itself to a lovely snug carry which moulds well, especially the more it breaks in.


I’ve been using this wrap with both boys to give it a really good test. And in this long size it has been fab, whether it be a FWCC with a two-week old newborn or a double hammock with a three-year old toddler, I’ve been really impressed! It’s great in a multiple layer carry & even in a single layer carry it is comfortable on my troublesome shoulders when wrapped well. The more it breaks in, the more it begins to shine & the wrapping qualities just get better & better.

I’ve also had the chance to play with this wrap in the form of a ring sling thanks to my friend & colleague Paul (the ring sling guru!) who has been given the pleasure of reviewing it with the new ‘Woven Wings’ shoulder offered by the talented Sarah of Chunkle Munkle but I’ll leave it to him to tell you more about how it works as a ring sling & what he thinks to the new shoulder style. I’ll link his review here as soon as it’s ready!


Overall, this is another wonderful wrap from a wonderful company. It does need some breaking in when brand new but breaks in quickly with use, really benefitting from a wash & a steam iron. I love how it begins to mould as it breaks in & how the passes are easy to move into place. The pattern is different yet reminiscent of the geometric patterns we have come to love from Woven Wings. I can’t wait to see what other colours & blends this wrap is released in, as well as what other beautiful wraps the ever talented ladies of WWHQ have up their sleeves.

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