REVIEW: Firespiral Slings Sherbet Cirrus Curves of Pursuit Woven Wrap

img_8989Firespiral Slings is a brand I have a lot of love for. They’re based in the north of England & the wraps are woven here in the UK too. I love that two passionate women, who dreampt of having their own designs woven, made their dreams come true! They also aim to make wraps that are attainable, that people don’t need to stalk & panic buy. They are currently scaling up production, in a manner that is sensible & stable for the size of the business, with the summer releases being much larger as well as planning re-weaves of some of the old favourites which will be exciting news to those who have missed out!

I discovered Firespiral Slings when I purchased one of the original Silver Starmap & then I bought Rob the Gamma Crucis Starmap but I first reviewed their wraps last summer when the Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees (alchemy) & their Graphite Starmap (elements) came as travelling testers for our picnic. Shortly before this year’s picnic I was really excited when Jen asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of the new summer designs, I jumped at the chance & then this beautiful wrap arrived in the post!

img_7026Curves of Pursuit is a design we’ve seen before but the Sherbet Cirrus is a completely new colourway. My first thought when it arrived was how it reminded me of fruit salads, not a mish-mash of different fruits but the sweets from my childhood! The pink & the yellow, combined with the white, is such a summery colourway & I have a feeling it’s going to be a popular one, especially given the reactions of those who’ve seen it whilst it’s been with us. Chatting to Jennifer at the European Babywearing Conference, I asked her about the inspiration behind the pattern as it wasn’t so obvious to me as the patterns such as Starmap, Seafoam or Birch Trees & she explained that she found an image in a book about mathematics which was the inspiration behind the design.


Sherbet is a 100% cotton wrap & is described as a medium weight wrap, weighing in at around 240gsm. I’d agree with this but the weave helps it to feel beautifully airy which is perfect for the summer. It’s very typical of the Firespiral wraps that we know & love in that it is soft & floppy straight out of the bag & requires very little breaking in thanks to the Alchemy weave. The weave also seems to give a little texture which adds to the grip when wrapping & the loose weave aids how the wrap moulds as you wrap with it.

Although G is dinky, he is by no means a squish & we really loved wrapping with this. People seem to be of the mind frame that 100% cotton is only for tiny babies but that simply doesn’t have to be the case. This wrap is soft yet strong & supportive. It moulds around you & your wrappee as you go giving a really lovely, snug wrap job which is easy to tighten yet stays in place once tied off. Whether we carried using a single layer ruck or a multi-layer double hammock, we found this easy to wrap with & comfortable to carry in.

img_6964It was a real winner at the picnic too. People loved how it looked & they loved how it wrapped. The only complaint some people made was that they felt it would possibly pull quite easily. This is something which is characteristic of looser weave wraps, however they also fix easily & shouldn’t cause any problems.

Overall, this is a great wrap & one which I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to wrappers new or experienced. I love the fact that by buying into Firespiral you are not only buying a wrap but you are supporting a U.K. business. A business which was created by two families coming together in an amazing, creative way. And not only that but they have created amazing schemes for those both new to wrapping (Fledgling Scheme) & those who are more seasoned with wrap buying (Loyalty Scheme) which not only support those who are buying, but support sling libraries & consultants too.

Reviewed: Summer 2015

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