REVIEW: Joy & Joe Baby Fountains of Love Woven Wrap

IMG_5450I’ve reviewed a number of Joy & Joe Baby wraps before, including a couple of their popular Shiver Me Paisley (SMP) design, but I was told that Fountains of Love is quite different to anything they have done before. Their boldest claim being that it will require no breaking in so I was more than a little excited to see just how this wrap would feel & wrap when it arrived!

Fountains of Love is a blend of 50% mercerised cotton & 50% Italian combed cotton. The weave is described as “…double weave with a broken twill effect & some technical weaving procedure that’s we call the formula”. It has been woven in 3 colourways so far; black (here for testing), pink & mustard yellow.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the parcel was just how soft the wrap felt. I don’t think I’ve felt anything quite like it before, it is literally kitten-belly soft! This softness is apparently down to not only the weave that has been used but also the finishing treatments the wrap receives before it is parcelled up & sent on its way. The next thing I noticed was the pattern. It’s a classic pattern yet bold at the same time! Really eye-catching & visually stunning. The combination of the pattern & the colourway is really wonderful. I’d love to see this in perhaps a navy & white or a cafe latte & white colourway too.


The wrap feels soft, squishy & blankety in hand , yet lightweight at the same time. This lightweight feeling is possibly down to the weave being looser than previous wraps I have reviewed by Joy & Joe, such as SMP Aurantico. One thing I did notice was that the wrap felt quite prone to pulls, which I would put down to the looser weave but small snags do seem to wiggle back in quite easily & would likely disappear with a quick wash. That being said, Joy & Joe Baby have responded to receiving this type of feedback from testers & worked with their textile experts to reduce the risk of pulls without altering the wrapping qualities which have been loved by testers so far! I’m curious to see how this has been done, whether the weave has been tightened at all & how the new version feels.

IMG_5447I’ve used this wrap in a number of different carries, both single & multiple layers, as I usually do when testing to give them a thorough run. I was surprised by this wrap in single layer carries, even a sloppy ruck is comfortable! It does seem to settle a little if you don’t get all the slack out but it still remains comfortable & supportive. I particularly loved it in my go-to-carry of a double hammock tied at shoulder, there is just enough grip from the texture of the weave but not too much that multiple layer carries become difficult. The chest pass is easy to get smooth, the second hammock pass moves easily into place, the knot is easy to tie & stays put.

In terms of cost, this is a little more expensive than previous releases I have reviewed from Joy & Joe Baby but that is down to the premium materials used, the processes involved in producing these beautiful wraps & the limited run they are being produced in. A size 4 will be around £245, increasing to £275 for a size 7. There are currently 6 prototypes, 2 in each of the three colours, which will be sold via draw once the testing/travelling process is complete & there are more colourways due for release later this month. Due to the limited number these wraps are being produced in, they will also be sold using a draw process.

This wrap is cushy on the shoulders & soft on the skin, wonderful qualities that are perfect for a newborn. Yet with my toddler it is still cushy, still comfortable & definitely something I could see us snuggling together under at nap time. It is easy to use & beautiful to look at. It is very different to anything I have previously experienced from Joy & Joe Baby but in a very positive way. It is a fantastic wrap & a credit to the work put in by all involved in the production process!

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2 Responses to REVIEW: Joy & Joe Baby Fountains of Love Woven Wrap

  1. gruffalogirl says:

    Lovely read and fab pictures ☺️

  2. Shmoley says:

    This is the greatest red hair colour I have seen in a long time. Love it! Looks lovely on you.

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