REVIEW: Tekhni Ceres Velveteen Woven Wrap


Tekhni is a culmination of art, design & babywearing, created in 2013 by Alisa DeMarco. A painter, graphic designer, dye artist & textile designer as well as a mama to three beautiful children! She found comfort in the cloth she has used to carry her children & wanted to share the comfort & love she has found through carrying with others. On the website, Alisa talks about bringing “fun and beauty to the world of everyday babywearing” with woven wraps which are “perfect from newborn to toddler and beyond”. Sounds like my kind of wrap!

I’d never experienced a Tekhni wrap in person before this but the patterns & blends offered by them that I’ve read about have definitely got me intrigued, in particular their wraps made from a blend of Repreve, a fibre made from recycled plastic bottles that I’m very curious about! But more about that coming up at a later date 😉

But what about the wrap we have visiting? Ceres Velveteen is a blend of cotton & Tencel, a fibre made from natural polymers (tree polymers in this case) which is environmentally friendly. It’s wonderfully soft, almost silky in hand & has a really lovely weight to the fabric, heavier than Tencel wraps I’ve played with before but it’s by no means a heavy wrap. I’d imagine that even brand new this wrap would be lovely & soft, requiring very little breaking in, if any at all!

The pattern reminds me of leaves but, because the pattern isn’t obviously leaves, I wondered about the inspirations behind the pattern. Heading to the Tekhni blog, I discovered the name was a nod towards the inspirations I had suspected…

“Ceres (pronounced SEER-eez) is not only the Roman Goddess of agriculture and the harvest (Greek equivalent is Demeter), but also of fertility and motherly relationships. A perfect name for a wrap. The design reflects its name as it looks like a leaf or a shaft of wheat, the Ceres name being synonymous -anciently- with the word grain and from where we get the word cereal.”

The colours are an ever-so-slightly off white alongside a combination of a beautiful lilac & cornflower blue threads resulting in a stunning colourway that is so perfect in the turning seasons from spring to summer that we are experiencing here in the UK right now.

So, sounding good so far? What about how it wraps? The Tencel combined with the relatively smooth weave means that the passes move easily into place, gliding over each other with minimal effort required. It has a really nice amount of diagonal stretch which helps with a nice, snug carry & when finishing off, the knot is a nice size, not matter whether a slipknot or a flat knot!

IMG_3854I tried this in both single & multiple layer carries, including a ruck & EJBC. I did find that I needed to wrap well with this as the smoothness & glide meant that any small pockets of slack would work their way free, resulting in the carry sagging. That said, it’s not difficult to wrap well with at all!

It’s wonderful & cushy on the shoulders, standing up to a long walk down the canal on a lovely, sunny day with a tired, sleeping toddler. Despite being in a multiple layer carry, we didn’t get too warm at all which is impressive because we’re both quite naturally warm people!

This wrap has been popular at sling meets with both babies & toddlers alike, with people frequently commenting on how soft & easy to use it was. It is a beautiful wrap with a great drape & stretch to the fabric. It’s soft, easy to wrap with & comfortable to wear. I was really surprised how cool we stayed, even in multiple layer carries on a warm day! I think Velveteen will be a lovely wrap for a newborn & I really enjoyed it with G too.

Unfortunately Ceres Velveteen has already been released but you may be lucky enough to get your hands on it via one of the many groups online for buying, selling & trading preloved wraps & carriers. Or you could always keep your eye on the Tekhni Instagram & Facebook pages for news on their up & coming releases as there are some beautiful things coming soon by the looks of things!

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