REVIEW: Ankalia Textiles Nevaeh Woven Wrap

IMG_3468Ankalia Textiles is a relatively new Australian brand which was started in 2014 & is run by two women called Kellie & Alex. Both are mums with several years of carrying experience between them who are active in the Australian babywearing community. Together they have developed a brand which aims to bring high-quality, Australian-made wraps to not only their local community but to the international community too.

IMG_2309There are two ranges which are part of the brand, Elements & Fusion. Elements is described as a range of wraps woven from durable, soft cotton yarns in classic yet modern designs which offers high quality yet affordable wraps. The Fusion range is described as range which has been created working with a team of Australian artisans & the finest yarns to produce wraps which fuse the life’s work of the artisans with their passion for babywearing.

Nevaeh is the first wrap from the Elements range, woven in a rainbow coloured, geometric pattern. The pattern was the first thing to grab me about this wrap, a complex combination of pattern & colour creates something rather beautiful that almost jumps off the wrap! Woven from 100% cotton & weighing in at 260gsm in its loom state (although this weight increases slightly to around 290gsm post wash), this is a relatively mid-to-heavy weight wrap although this seems to be down to the dense, tight weave because the wrap itself actually feels on the thinner end of medium in hand.

So. We’ve talked about how it looks & how it feels, what about how it wraps? The traveller I had was a size 6 which had made a few stops before me. It’s a wrap which is going to need some breaking in to reach its full potential but that breaking in isn’t going to be hard work or take forever. The first thing that becomes apparent when wrapping with Nevaeh is the stretch it has, it’s very reminiscent of a Pavo Parterre Cobalt I wrapped with once which is another wrap that needs work to reach its full potential! I found, as I was wrapping, that passes move easily into place I did need to put a little effort into removing all the slack to ensure a nice snug carry. That said, even on the days where I rushed my wrapping & found myself with a loose top rail or a random pocket of slack, I was still comfortable! I did worry that, with the wrap leaning to the thinner side of medium, it would get diggy on my shoulders if I didn’t wrap carefully but I had no such problems.

A mama who wrapped with Nevaeh at a sling meet was surprised quite how easily wrapped. She said she had expected it to wrap like a new wrap that still needs a bit of breaking in but, as she wrapped with it, she found passes moved easily into place & she was left with a solid, comfortable wrap job. Many people at sling meet were surprised by the blend of this wrap, would have sworn there was some degree of linen in it perhaps. Everyone commented how it gave them a solid comfortable carry, even if it wasn’t their neatest, most careful wrapping. And don’t even get me started how many people commented on just how beautiful it is!

If you like thick, cushy wraps or wraps which need no work whatsoever to reach their full potential then Nevaeh might not be for you. However, if you like wraps on the thinner end of medium which will work for a baby or a bigger kid, that would work in any size as well as being easy to care for & that look AMAZING then Nevaeh is definitely one to put on your list! I can’t wait to see what else these wonderful ladies are going to come up, Ankalia is certainly a brand to keep an eye on.

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  1. EcoWorriorMummy says:

    Is this the one i tried. Its gorgeous x

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