REVIEW: Woven Wings Bourette Silk Tiles Woven Wrap (Prototype)

IMG_2101It’s pretty common knowledge that I’m a fan of the work of those ever talented ladies at Woven Wings. Just when I think I’m done, they produce something else wonderful that excites me & I feel the need to stalk for its release! This wasn’t one of those occasions. Like Droplets, which I reviewed a few months ago, this one didn’t grab me when we first saw sneak peaks of it but the more shots I saw of it in action, the more something in me wanted to try it out. I’ve played with WW silk a few times but never had the chance to host it & wrap with it regularly so I was excited when I was offered the opportunity to give this one a test run. These tiles are a blend of 84% Egyptian cotton & 16% Bourette silk, weighing in at around 365gsm. I know there is also another tester travelling which is a blend of Egyptian cotton, merino & flax! Both are currently unnamed & unreleased, with no known date for their release so if you like what you see & are interested to find out more, keep your eyes on the WW facebook page for more information about the release being announced. When it arrived, as lovely as it was, the pattern just didn’t jump out at me & I started to wonder what made it look so different in pictures. Then I realised that all the pictures that had got my attention had been action shots! In flat shots, this wrap may not appear that exciting but it really comes to life when it is wrapped. There are a combination of 3 colours plus a creamy-white that make up this wrap; a deep red/burgundy, a teal & a mustard yellow. Not 3 colours I would ever have thought to put together but, seeing them together in this wrap, they really work!

I like to make the most of travelling & tester wraps whilst they are here because you never know if, or when, you’ll get to wrap with them again so we used this wrap a lot over theweek or so it was here. I used it, Rob used it, we took it to sling meet so other people could use it, to my bi-annual CPD training & it even brought me together with another local winglet I’d never met for a Mother’s Day coffee & wrap date!

Anyway, on from my social life & the colours! What about how it feels & how it wraps? These tiles don’t seem to have the same texture from the pattern as other WW silks that I’ve tried (Geo & Lace) but, looking at the close-up pictures of the wrap, you can see the small flecks or ‘floaters’ that are part of the silk threads in the weave. These flecks don’t seem to be present to the same extent I noticed them in WW Snowstorm Geo but they do add a wonderful texture to the wrap. They give it that wonderful amount of grip that aids you when wrapping but not so much grip it is hard work & awkward to wrap with. Despite feeling slightly heavier & thicker than the silk Geos I’ve tried, the tiles don’t feel heavy or cumbersome to wrap with by any means. In fact, the weight gives the fabric a really wonderful drape when you’re wrapping. I did notice there isn’t a huge amount of stretch but, what this wrap lacks in stretch, it more than makes up for in support! There was no sag, no slip, it stayed put & was comfortable to boot. It didn’t matter whether we tried a single layer carry or a multiple layer carry, a knotted finish or knotless, this wrap performed wonderfully. I do imagine that, brand new, the wrap may need a little breaking in, especially having listened to what those who have owned WW silk previously have said. But, in no time at all, I think it would feel soft, floppy & easy to wrap with. Everyone I have spoken to says that the results are more than worth the effort it takes to break the wrap in!

It is worth noting that this combination of colours, the layout of the squares & the finer details aren’t 100% final for release so may well change a little but the aim will be to keep the wrapping qualities as close to the prototypes as possible. I’m certainly interested to see what the final design looks like as this wrap is yet another winner from Woven Wings in my opinion. It wraps wonderfully, it looks beautiful & it’s comfortable. It works with jeans or dressed up. It would be equally a perfect for a walk in the woods or as a guest at a wedding. It has even been used as a blanket for a tired toddler whilst it has been with us! It just seems to lend itself to any situation perfectly. Christina & Sarah have such a wonderful eye for design, a real gift for creating such beautiful patterns which translate so perfectly into wraps. The variety of blends & how each pattern works in them, the different colours. So much thought & passion must go into creating these perfect combinations. The thought, passion & care these ladies have for their product & those who follow their business shows in everything Woven Wings do. I’m more than a little bit excited to see what they come up with next!

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2 Responses to REVIEW: Woven Wings Bourette Silk Tiles Woven Wrap (Prototype)

  1. Rob says:

    Lovely write up with some beautiful pictures.

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