A very special visitor…

“Friendship is paramount to strengthening our bonds as parents. Occasionally, lasting friendships come together that are so strong that they deserve something to bond them together.” (Woven Wings, 2014)

Here at The Carrying a Works we have recently had a very special visitor. I’ve been a lover of Woven Wings & the wraps they create ever since I had the opportunity to review Leaf Gold Geo back in January 2014, the Geo pattern is a particular favourite of mine! This post is not a review of a wrap, it is more something to document our time spent enjoying it.

Hemingway Grey is a Geo woven in a combination of a grey blue linen & a creamy white cotton. It was a micro-release in September 2014 shared by a small number of friends, I believe there are 4 wraps in existence & one of those lives at WWHQ. That said, this wrap is not about owning something ultra-exclusive, keeping it locked away & safe from sticky little fingers. It is about friendship & the friendships formed through the babywearing community. So, for this reason, the wonderful mamas who own them made the decision to send them travelling. I felt especially lucky to have been given the opportunity to have a visit from this wonderful wrap & to be able to share it with friends I have made through the community as well as with the families I support in my role as a carrying consultant & sling librarian.

11021190_841607295884981_7494343697584082510_nThe wrap which came to visit has been travelling pretty much continuously since its release from WWHQ, visiting some wonderful places around Europe such as Paris & Berlin. There have been some beautiful images shared & knowing how many families this wrap has supported almost makes me love it that little bit more than it’s beauty alone.

The wrap was passed on to me by a wonderful friend I have made through the babywearing community at the monthly sling meet that TCW hosts in Rotherham. The significance of friends & family, old & new, as well as their support in the year that has passed since I first did my Slingababy training has been tantamount to what The Carrying Works has become today. There have been some difficult times but some truly wonderful people have helped me get through, achieve dreams & to see the sunshine behind the clouds!

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the package. The wrap itself isn’t heavy but along with the wrap is a wonderful book that has an entry by each family who have hosted this particular wrap. Reading their stories reminds me of how wonderful this community is, quite how much carrying means to people & how it has supported them in their life so far. It is almost a distraction from the wonderful wrap itself, getting lost in the adventures of the families before us & their stories.

IMG_3681The first outing for Hemingway Grey was straight after the sling meet I was given it at! We headed to do some shopping & I couldn’t resist using him straight away. Even in a really sloppy FWCC (front wrap cross carry) he was sooo comfortable, no surprise there though following my previous experiences of WW linen wraps! And I love the colour, almost a dappled grey with the white threads shining through & touches of blue, it’s really wonderful & a colour which goes with everything!

Knowing we only had his company for a little over a week meant everything else was shelved. This was a week where we only used one wrap because we wanted to truly enjoy our time with him. G had his second birthday shortly before Hemingway Grey arrived & we had his birthday party shortly after. A very good friend of mine came to the party & having never wrapped with a WW before I figured this was a perfect wrap to share with him to welcome him to the community & up G went for a cuddle! Following the party, we headed home but were left with a very tired little G so decided to get out & within minutes he’d given in to the sleepy dust left behind by those wrapped before him. We used Hemingway grey for nursery runs, shopping trips, sleepy cuddles & even at sling meets where he was admired & wrapped with by many!

We always try to take the camera out with us on at least one occasion & properly photograph wraps that are visiting us, whether they are for review or not. It’s almost like a diary of those that have been here before I guess & an encouragement take more photographs (not that we need any encouragement!). I had intended on putting some of these photos in the book that accompanied Hemingway Grey but technical problems with printers thwarted that so apologies for the number of photos in this post! Some of my favourite photos have been with this wrap, I even got some photos of G with his Daddy. Not only have I had the joy of this wrap coming to visit, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone & encouraged me to get behind the camera properly to learn more about how it works which is something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

Just a few last words before the barrage of photographs ensues. Thankyou to the families whose stories I read in the book, to those whose images have inspired me, to the families who have made me feel part of this wonderful winglet community. Thankyou to the families who have allowed me to support them on their carrying journey. And finally, thankyou to the wonderful individual who has allowed me to host Hemingway Grey as part of his travels. Thankyou for including me as part of his wonderful story. Thankyou for pushing me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to begin to learn more about my passion for beautiful photographs & thankyou for being such an inspiring, beautiful person. You know who you are!

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