REVIEW: Joy & Joe Shiver Me Paisley Midnight Rainbow Woven Wrap

10906540_863840013693638_9087514921514879964_nI’ve reviewed a number of Joy & Joe wraps in the past & I’m always excited to try something new, whether it be a new blend or a different weave or something else entirely new, so I was excited when Bisi sent me a message about the new Shiver Me Paisley that is soon to be released. Shiver Me Paisley (SMP) has been a really popular pattern since it was first woven & there have been a number of different incarnations. I recently reviewed the SMP Aurantico which was a winner in my book so I was interested to see how this differed.

SMP Midnight Rainbow is woven from 100% cotton which is the same blend as SMP Aurantico but it is woven with a double sateen weave compared to SMP Aurantico’s single sateen weave. I did wonder if the wrap would feel thick, heavier or more ‘beastly’ than SMP Aurantico with the double weave but I didn’t notice that at all. If anything, it felt almost exactly the same! It may be that a brand new SMP Midnight Rainbow may feel a little thicker & require a little more ‘breaking in’ than the single sateen weave of SMP Aurantico, but this one was by no means beastly. I asked Rob what is thought were on comparing the two & he said he couldn’t really feel much difference. The weight given by Joy & Joe is 250gsm, which is actually the same as SMP Aurantico, so it isn’t really a surprise that they feel so similar in hand.

SMP Midnight Rainbow is also made up of a number of colours creating a rainbow of colours across the wrap as the name suggests. It is the first from Joy & Joe to be woven with an effect referred to by them as a Strie Rainbow. The colours were probably the first thing I noticed as I unpacked the wrap. They are happy & bright, they aren’t at all dulled by the black weft. Whilst they aren’t a combination of colours I would choose personally, I can see this being a popular release of the SMP pattern!

IMG_9237The tester measured 4.5m which makes it a slightly short size 6. I used it in a variety of different carries, both single & multiple layer, & found it wrapped true to size. Single layer carries such as a ruck or a kangaroo were comfortable but I would imagine for longer durations with a heavier child you would need to wrap with care to reduce the risk of any digging. For me & George, who is almost 2, this wrap really shone in multiple layer carries. It is smooth enough that passes move with ease but grippy enough that they don’t slide around & slipknots hold in place well. In my go-to carry of a double hammock, I found it easy to wrap with & comfortable to wear.

One of the things I really liked was how the wrap can look totally different depending on which way up you wrap with it & how the colours look particularly good from the reverse side with the pattern coming through as colours on the black. The colours & the ease of use were the two things which were commented on time & time again when I took the wrap to sling meets. The different coloured rails were particularly popular with those learning to wrap or learning a new carry.

Overall, this is a lovely wrap. Easy to use and easy to care for. It also comes in a tote bag, steam-finished ready to wear! What more could you ask for?!? Prices for this wrap start at £130 for a medium (around a size 4) & the pre-order for this wrap is opening later this month (22/2/15) with wraps starting to dispatch around the end of March. You can find more information over on the Joy & Joe Facebook Page.



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