REVIEW: Little Fellows Red’s Wedding Woven Wrap

IMG_7801If you’ve been following the blog for a while or you’ve been along to any meets then you probably know I’m a big fan of Little Fellows woven wraps! I’ve reviewed a few already but this is yet another different weave from those I’ve reviewed before. The Limey & Comfrey were both plain weave, Mistake Not was advancing twill weave & Red’s wedding is a point twill weave.

Red’s wedding was woven for Kirstie (aka Red) & I believe the inspiration, as the name suggests, comes from conversations about Kirstie’s wedding & custom warps. As with all Little Fellows, this wrap is cut with blunt ends (straight as opposed to tapered) & is measured in half metre lengths, with this wrap measuring at 3.5m making it a long 3 or a short 4. The wrap is woven with a purple, mercerized cotton weft & a cotlin warp in a variety of rich jewel tones. It has a small acorn label middle marker & a Little Fellows label at one end.

When the wrap first arrived, I was surprised how dense it felt in comparison to the advancing twill or the plain weave wraps I’ve previously tried. Red’s Wedding (RW) isn’t overly dense or heavyweight by any means but more so than the advancing twill of Mistake Not (MN), I would describe it as being dense but medium-thick in hand.

Photo 15-12-2014 17 13 28Based on touch alone, RW felt much smoother than MN & I was interested to see how this, along with how dense the wrap felt, translated in terms of wrapping qualities.

Whilst the wrap was with us we used it in a number of different carries, both single & multiple layer, as well as number of different finishes such as knotless, flat knot, slip knot & with sling rings. We wanted to give it a really good test!

First up we tried a no-sew ringsling using a set of large rings. The wrap, as long as it was well spread, moved through the rings with little trouble but I think large rings are definitely the way to go with a wrap of this thickness & density. If you opted for much smaller rings I think you could have trouble getting the wrap spread in the rings, potentially resulting in difficulty tightening the carry. There was no slipping in the rings & no digging or sagging at all. First carry, first success.

Next up, we opted for one of our go-to carries with a shorter wrap, a quick ruck with a candycane chestbelt, for a trip around our local shopping centre. I found the wrap had enough cush that a single layer carry didn’t become uncomfortable quickly & I had no problems with digging into my shoulders at all. All important things when you’re shopping! Arriving home & we had a tired, sleeping little man so I decided I’d have a go with a kangaroo carry to see if I could manage a sleeping transfer into the wrap. The result? An epic, sleeping transfer with a really comfy carry.

IMG_7577Next up, we tried a couple of multiple layer carries whilst we were out for a walk along the canal, the semi-FWCC (front wrap cross carry) & a DHR (double hammock rebozo). Both these carries were finished with a slipknot & despite feeling denser & smoother than MN in hand, the knot was smaller than that of MN & there was no slipping or loss of tension. I did wonder if the smoothness I felt in comparison to the weave of MN would translate to the slipknot not holding firm but it wasn’t a problem at all. The weave gives enough grip that a slipknot holds perfectly yet it is also easy to tighten & easy to wrap with. Even though they are both one-shouldered carries, I didn’t find I had any problems carrying G’s weight at all!

Red’s Wedding is a wonderful wrap. It is a much tighter weave than MN which meant I wasn’t as scared that it would catch or pull but I did kind of miss that airy quality that the advancing twill weave has. The colour combination is wonderful & the purple mercerised cotton really shimmers. It has a little stretch but is solid & supportive. I love the detail of the point twill weave & the grip that it gives when wrapping. If I was going to have my own custom Little Fellows woven, I think it would take me a long time to decide on the options; the weave, the blend, the colours, the length. I adore how cushy yet airy the advancing twill weave of MN is but the ease with which it would catch on a nail or pull could quite possibly drive me mad. I love the cotlin blend but then I also love the silk & merino blend I had the pleasure of testing. And as for colours, so many choices! Every Little Fellows wrap I have tried has had elements about it that I have truly loved & every one has been so wonderfully different, maybe I just need to work my way through all the different combinations!

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