REVIEW: Little Fellows Mistake Not Woven Wrap

IMG_6704I have reviewed a couple of Little Fellows wraps in the past, The Limey & Comfrey, but it’s always nice to try something new from a weaver or a company so I jumped at the chance to have a visit from this wrap!

Little Fellows are a small business, founded in 2013, producing handwoven wraps from EU-sourced materials & according to their facebook page, they describe themselves as “quintessentially English: finding inspiration in some unlikely places whilst channelling the inner geek”.

This wrap started out as a very different concept to the one it has finished as. Originally starting out with a concept based on the Northern Lights, wisps of jewel tones sweeping across the sky, Lisa then decided to blend a variety of different colours with a complex weave pattern, meaning that this wrap needed a name of its own which is how Mistake Not came about.

Mistake Not is a complex fellow. His full name is inspired by a name from an Iain M Banks science fiction novel, The Hydrogen Sonata, & his name is… Mistake Not My Current State Of Joshing Gentle Peevishness For The Awesome & Terrible Majesty Of The Towering Seas Of Ire That Are Themselves The Milquetoast Shallows Fringing My Vast Oceans Of Wrath. What a name, although I’ve always known him by his shortened name of Mistake Not! He has an interesting blend & an even more interesting weave! He is made up of a 50% mercerised cotton warp with a weft which is a 50:50 blend of merino & silk, all woven using an advancing twill weave. It has the standard Little Fellows label on one tail but, rather than having a label middle marker, the middle marker is a weft change so that half of the wrap is woven with a purple weft & the other half with a navy weft. He started life measuring as a 4m piece with blunt ends (all Little Fellows are cut with blunt ends) & measures around 64cm wide as well as having stretched a little in length to around 4.18m with use.

I was lucky enough to briefly wrap with the cotton/linen blend version of Mistake Not when it was last on its travels so I was really interested to see how this blend compared & to get some more experience of the advancing twill weave.

Me & wool wraps have a rather tempestuous relationship. I have a similar relationship with wool jumpers! I worry about caring for them, I worry they will have that itchy prickle that wool can often have & I worry about being too warm in them as both myself & G are quite warm people. However, knowing this is a merino blend filled me with confidence & the addition of silk into the mix excited me! Having had the pleasure of Woven Wings merino blends before, such as Leaf Gold Geo & Droplets, as well as silk-blend wraps by Didymos & Oscha Slings, I had a feeling this wrap would be something special. And I was right. When I opened the parcel, I steeled myself for a slight prickle but there wasn’t a prickle in sight! It was simply as cushy & squidgy in hand as I remember the cotton/linen blend being.

Photo 07-11-2014 15 33 48Of course I couldn’t wait to wrap with it so bundled it into my bag & took it off to sling meet with me, excited to get out of the car at the other end of my journey! We arrived at the sling meet & I popped G up in a quick ruck with a candy-cane chestbelt. Despite a hasty wrap-job & no sandwiching of the shoulders, we were both comfortable & it was easy to wrap with. The colours just shimmer with the mercerized cotton being a perfect choice & the colours just pop, such an amazing mix with that little pop of lime green peeking out.

We used this wrap regularly whilst it was visiting us & carries we tried including variations on a ruck, double hammock & a front wrap cross carry.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you do a single layer or a multiple layer carry, the cushiness that this wrap has is amazing. Marshmallow-like is a great way to describe it!

Photo 09-11-2014 19 37 08It holds passes with very little slip yet passes almost glide into place. I used a slipknot with this wrap a number of times & it held really well. That said, a slip knot is quite large with this wrap, large but not unbearably so, as you can see in the picture of Rob.

The wrap has a little bit of bounce & a little bit of stretch. Both of which contribute to how unbelievably mouldable it is & I really love how it feels. Once passes are in place, they mould to you & your little one, creating a nice snug carry. It’s like one big cuddle!

This wrap, on paper at least, is pretty heavy-weight, probably one of the heaviest I’ve used, & sometimes wraps that are or feel quite thick in hand can feel unwieldy & difficult to wrap with & get snug. But not this one. The weave is quite airy so, whilst it feels thick & cushy in hand, to wrap with & once wrapped it feels mouldable & airy yet cushy & snuggly without being overwhelmingly thick, all at the same time which is a pretty impressive achievement!

My one & only worry with this wrap is that the complex nature of the weave & the fact it is quite loose, would potentially mean it could pull easier than a tighter weave & fixing a pull may be a little difficult. However, if you took your time & were careful when fixing, or even sent it to someone to fix the pulls for you, I have no doubt that it would be possible to do.

There is something very special about Little Fellows wraps & Lisa is an incredibly talented weaver, an artist with a real eye for colour & design. If you ever get the chance to own one of these wonderful wraps, or even just to holiday one for a short time, I would highly recommend it!

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