REVIEW: Woven Wings Droplets Woven Wrap

IMG_5867Woven Wings is a brand of wraps I have had the pleasure of playing with before. I tried Blush Geo & Light Feathers at a sling meet when the very first testers were travelling. I then had a visit from the travelling Leaf Gold Geo tester which I reviewed & was then gutted to have missed the pre-order as I really loved it! Luckily I managed to get one & it still lives here with us to this day. I also have the wonderful Mr K (Kingfisher) Geo who lives here with us & is one of our most used wraps!

Woven Wings is a relatively new woven wrap company (around a year since the first pre-orders) but there is no denying that they have taken the babywearing world by storm! They are particularly well known for geometric patterns such as the fairies (Titania, Peaseblossom & Oberon) & Geo so I was a little surprised when I saw this pattern in one of Sarah’s instagram sneak peaks &, if I’m brutally honest, I wasn’t instantly drawn to it. I was much more attracted to the appearance of American Quilt which is another of the up & coming releases from the lovely ladies of Woven Wings.

When I opened the parcel, I was made to eat my words (I’d previously told Rob I wasn’t fussed by this one & I wouldn’t be looking for it!) & accept that Woven Wings had done it again! I opened the packet & the colours, which I was underwhelmed by in the sneak peak photo, really made sense & the pattern looked wonderful. It is such a deceptively simple pattern yet each droplet is so different, I could sit & look at this wrap for days! There are so many different colours woven into the wrap & it makes me wonder if each single wrap will be slightly different. Droplets is the nickname for this, as yet unnamed, wrap but I think it suits it perfectly.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of wool wraps but Woven Wings merino has been the exception to that rule since trying the wonderful Leaf Gold Geo (27% merino with 73% Egyptian cotton). I was excited to try Droplets as the blend is slightly different with a lower percentage of merino (9% merino with 91% Egyptian cotton) & I was curious to see what impact this reduction in merino would have. In terms of the feel of the wrap, I love the fact this doesn’t have that wooly prickle or itch that I dislike so much in other wool-blend wraps that I’ve tried, although Leaf Gold Geo doesn’t have the prickle either so perhaps it is more down to the blend being merino as opposed to the reduction. It feels much denser than Leaf Gold but not too heavy if that makes sense & weighing in at around 330gsm it is certainly a heavier weight wrap yet it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It is cushy, squidgy & wonderfully snuggly!

Sleepy dust in a kangaroo carry.

Sleepy dust in a kangaroo carry.

I wondered if the weight & thickness of the wrap would make it a challenge to wrap with but I couldn’t be more wrong! The weave is quite smooth on the white side, with a little texture on the blue side (which you can see in the photos above). I found passes moved into place without feeling like I was battling with the wrap. I tried this wrap in a number of different carries, both single & multiple layer carries. I was quite surprised just how supportive it felt with G in a kangaroo, more supportive than the 27% merino blend, even on a longer walk with a sleeping toddler.

I did find it wrapped slightly shorter due to its thickness but not massively so, I was still able to get a double hammock tied at shoulder out of this size 4 comfortably. The knot is also slightly larger due to this but not so big that we found it uncomfortable for either me or G & it wasn’t difficult to tie at all.

Rob also wrapped with droplets & his first comment was about how thick it was, much thicker then his usual ‘go to’ wraps & possibly not something he would have be inclined to reach for before trying it. That said, he didn’t find it particularly difficult to wrap with & said it was really comfortable once G was up in it.

If you’re not a fan of thicker wraps then this may not be the wrap for you as it is certainly at the thicker end of the scale & some people may find it overwhelming, particularly as a longer wrap. But as a short to mid-length wrap I think this one really comes into its own, comfortable even in single layer carries & I didn’t get so much as a hint of digging in my shoulders which is wonderful when you’re carrying a toddler around!

I was truly surprised by this wrap. Thicker than I expected in comparison to my Leaf Gold. The simple pattern yet the complex weave of colours that I was so underwhelmed by on first sight but fell for completely when we met in person. This has gone from a wrap I really wasn’t interested in buying to something that’s on my shopping list, all in the space of the week it was here!

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  1. Wearific! says:

    Such a pretty wrap! Would love to try it some time!

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