REVIEW: Poe Wovens Herringbone Merlot Woven Wrap

IMG_4336Poe Wovens may not be a name you’re familiar with just now but by the end of this review I’m hoping you’ll be more than a little bit excited by this woven wrap company! I know I am having had the pleasure of hosting the beautiful Herringbone Merlot.

They were founded in mid-2013, managed & owned by the lovely Nancy, a Mum of 5 with over 15 years babywearing experience living in Vermont, USA. She is also a qualified babywearing consultant, as well as a volunteer for her local babywearing group & sling library. She is one busy lady! Within the Poe Wovens team there is over 60 years of graphic & textile design represented & the three artists each bring a unique yet seasoned perspective with designs inspired by the rolling acres of Addison County Vermont, American culture and heritage, land and city-scapes, the city lights of Paris, and the fields of Provence. The wraps are 100% US-made, from top to bottom, from every label to every stitch in the hem. Poe Wovens pride themselves on the use of sustainable business practices and aim “to support the local economy by consistently producing exquisite quality woven baby wraps in stunning designs, from locally sourced natural fibers, without compromising social or environmental consciousness”. All attributes which make for an exciting wrap company!

IMG_4323The wrap arrived on its travels in a small, good quality cotton tote, embroidered with the company logo. It’s not always hugely important to everyone, but nice packaging is a bonus for me when I receive a wrap! The wrap itself features two small middle markers sewn into the rails & a small label on one of the tails featuring the company logo, washing information etc, with a small label underneath it with what I believe to be the date of finishing.

Herringbone Merlot is made from 100% cotton with a natural coloured warp & a purple, mauve toned weft which, I’d imagine, is what gives the colourway its name. The weight given by Poe Wovens is around 225gsm, making it a medium weight wrap & I think thats a pretty accurate description to the feel of this wrap, it doesn’t feel particularly thin or thick in hand & has a wonderful drape. It measures at 3.5m in length which makes it around a size 4 (typically 3.6m) & it wraps pretty true to size. The width measures at around 66cm wide, which some people would feel is quite narrow compared to some wraps but I didn’t really notice it feeling particularly narrow when I was wrapping with it.

The wrap had already had a couple of stops on its travels & it was really lovely to the touch, soft yet strong with a degree of diagonal stretch but it didn’t sag at all when wrapped. People sometimes worry about an all-cotton wrap with a toddler & how supportive it will be but I didn’t find I had any problems whatsoever, even in a single layer carry such as a ruck. I found it wonderful & cushy on my shoulders, no digging at all despite spending all day trekking about in it. The texture of the weave gives it a really lovely amount of grip so that the passes don’t slide all over the place when you’re wrapping but, in the same respect, you don’t feel like you’re having to battle with it to get a good, snug carry! Even a slip knot held well but was easy to adjust when needed.

This wrap became a go-to-wrap in the time it was here, we really enjoyed hosting it. It is certainly understated in its appearance, with a pattern traditionally associated with clothing & particularly menswear, it doesn’t necessarily jump out at you from a pile of brightly coloured & patterned wraps & it isn’t always the first one people grab at a sling meet but I found myself encouraging people to give it a go & those who have wrapped with it have only had good things to say! One mama loved how blankety it felt. Another really loved the stretch it has, the way the passes glide into place & the fact it was so lovely & soft yet held her 15mth old comfortably, without adjustment, for a good couple of hours. It has even been compared to a high-end wraps such as Pavo.

Herringbone Merlot from Poe Wovens. It wraps wonderfully, it goes with anything & it’s easy to look after. What more could you ask of in a wrap?

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