October 2014: Norwegian Wiggle Proof

October is here & it’s time for the next installment for the carry of the month! The Norwegian wiggle proof is a carry I first discovered as part of the 30 carries in 30 days challenge I took part in & you can see my post on that here. I find that to say a carry is wiggle-proof is a big claim to make & a lot of people would love a carry which is truly wiggle-proof so I’d love to know what you think if you give it a go!

I used a size 6 Girasol woven wrap for this tutorial. The demo doll I am wrapping is roughly the size of a 3-4mth old but I also finished with a candycane-chestbelt meaning there is some extra there to play with. Depending on the size of the wrapper & the wrappee, you may find you are able to do this with a size 5 or you may wish to use a size 7.

As with every COTM, take things at your own pace & only do what you are both comfortable with. If that means practicing with a teddy, or wrapping yourself to talk you through the passes then that’s ok! If you have any questions, or you’d like to share a photo (I’d love to see!), feel free to post here or over on the facebook page. Have fun!

1. Your starting point for this carry is the middle marker & it wants to be central on your childs back, around the nape of the neck. Then you need to get your child on your back using your preferred method, options include to hip scoot, santa toss & superman.

2. Once your child is on your back, secure your top rails whilst you get the seat in place, ensuring your child is supported from knee to knee. I tend to hold the rails in my teeth but others prefer to hold under their chin, stand on the tails or pin them between their knees.

3. Once your child is on your back & you have a good seat in place you can start working on the rest of the carry. You need one tail coming over your shoulder (like in a ruck) & you need the other coming under your arm (like in a double hammock or a BWCC).

IMG_61264. We’re going to work with the tail that is coming over your shoulder first. Take the tail under your arm then under your childs leg (between you & your childs leg). Making sure the fabric reaches from knee to knee, you then need to spread the fabric up & over your childs back bringing the tail over the opposite shoulder to which it came under. Then pin this tail between your knees & switch to working with the other one.

5. Working with the tail which is coming under your arm, spread the fabric across your chest, take it under your arm & then spreading horizontally it across your childs back, supporting from knee to knee, then bringing it back under your arm.

6. You should now be left with both tails on the same side. It this point you have a number of different options including to tie a knot at the shoulder, to do a knotless finish or, as I did, go for a candycane finish. Taking the tail coming under your arm over the top of the other, twisting them around each other, across your chest & then take one tail through the shoulder pass & then tie a double knot.

7. And there you have it, all tied off. Be sure to check your carry is safe for your child & you, check you’re both comfortable & then go have fun!

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