REVIEW: Oscha Slings Tsuru Granada Woven Wrap

IMG_4348This is the final review by me for wraps which were sent along for the picnic last month & this one was sent along by the lovely folks at Oscha Slings!

Oscha Slings is a family-run business based in Scotland who focus on producing products which have a low-environmental impact & support the local economy. They do this by weaving all their fabric in the UK & Ireland, all the dye work is done in-house, as well as working alongside local tailors & machinists who cut & finish the wraps. Even their original designs are worked up from sketch to final graphic version in-house!

The wrap arrived in the usual Oscha Slings packaging, a branded cotton tote bag which has been tied with string, along with an instruction booklet as well as a small tag offering the name & size for what beauty lies inside. Tsuru Granada is made from 100% combed, gassed, mercerized, organic Pima cotton in ecru alongside rich magenta, raspberry shades & weighs in at 220gsm, making it a light-medium weight wrap. It is also available as a ring sling. It’s woven in a nice, snug weave & although it is on the lighter side, it doesn’t feel flimsy or too thin. The hemming in Oscha Slings wraps has always been fab in my experience & this wrap is no exception, nice & neat. The wrap features two middle markers featuring the ‘O’ from the logo & a larger label on one tail which features the full company logo along with wrap composition & washing information.

This wrap was certainly a popular one at the picnic as well as at subsequent sling meets & I think the eye-catching colourway definitely helps that! It has a really beautiful shimmer which is so hard to capture on camera. Enough about its beautiful appearance, let’s get down to how it wraps!

As per usual, I tried both single layer & multiple layer carries with this wrap to give it a good test. Some people worry that all cotton wraps are no good once your little one has grown but G is now 19 months & I had no problems carrying him in this wrap at all. Using it in single layer carries I took a little more care with technique, sandwiching shoulders & tightening carefully, to reduce to risk of the carry becoming uncomfortable & I think this paid off with no digging from the hems or feeling that the wrap wasn’t supportive enough for G. That said, I think this really shone in multiple layer carries, the passes were easy to move but they didn’t feel slippy & we were comfortable for a long trek around Sheffield exploring!

Boys will be boys :)

Boys will be boys 🙂

Rob got in on the act with this one too & I even got a couple of photos of the man who’s normally behind the camera! He carried G in a front wrap cross carry, which he found comfortable despite G being a real wriggler because there was so much going on that he wanted to play with, particularly the fountains he wanted to splash around in! He said he found it was easy to wrap with & supportive, despite being 100% cotton & quite lightweight compared to some of the wraps he usually favours.

Overall, this is another high-quality offering from Oscha Slings. It wraps easily making it suitable for beginners as well as more experienced wrappers &, despite its light weight, I feel this wrap would be equally as suited to a newborn as it would a toddler, particularly as a longer wrap to allow for the multiple pass carries in which it really shines. I have no doubt it would also make an equally wonderful ring sling. The colourway & the shimmer are so beautifully eye-catching that I’m excited to see what else Oscha Slings have up their sleeves in this colourway! I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on their facebook page as they always know how to surprise us & it seems there is always something exciting just around the corner in the world of Oscha Slings!

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