REVIEW: Lawilde Vicia Lewis Woven Wrap

IMG_2554Lawilde is a brand I had only briefly flirted with prior to the picnic last month. I had only ever touched a Lawilde woven wrap before & those who have tried them only have good things to say so I was really looking forward to being able to try out one of these beautiful wraps for myself!

Lawilde wraps are woven & finished here in the UK, although Charlotte who runs the business currently lives in Australia! She has grown up surrounded by textiles (her mother is a seamstress specialising in bespoke & one of a kind items!), discovering babywearing when she had her first child but it was when she had her third that she decided to combine her love of textiles & fashion along with her love for babywearing which is when Lawilde – Beautiful Babywearing was born.

Charlotte agreed to send along a wrap but up until the postman arrived I had no idea which one it was going to be. He even arrived when I was at work which meant I had to get Rob to open the parcel as Charlotte has asked me to wash & iron it before the picnic as Lawilde wraps arrive in loom-state & require a wash before wearing. Opening a new wrap is part of the pleasure for me & from the photographs Rob took, this one would have been a particularly special one! The packaging it arrived in is beautiful, so well considered. Inside the box was a parcel wrapped with white tissue & tied with black, satin ribbon with postcard tucked in featuring a list for a few carries that can be done with different sized wraps. This is a great touch & a source of inspiration, especially if you have bought a size which is new to you! Inside this parcel was a structured, navy tote bag with white handles, white detailing around the bottom & a small Lawilde tag on the front.

Vicia Lewis is a blend of 80% Egyptian cotton with 20% linen & a weight of around 255gsm, making it a medium weight wrap. It is woven in a lovely tight weave, using purple cotton woven onto a white cotton warp & the white linen is used in the weft to create the beautiful lace pattern. The pattern is quite detailed but there in lies the beauty of it, it truly does look like lace. The first wash & iron did wonders for the feel of the wrap, it did still have that ‘crunch’ that you often associate with a new linen wrap but it is far from what I would describe as beastly! There is a tag on one of the tails featuring the company name along with the washing information & two small, but different middle markers are placed in the slim, neat hemming which is done so there is no ‘wrong’ side. One middle marker features the initials LWD & the other features the name of the pattern on one side with what I am guessing to be the date finished on the other, another really lovely touch!

Right then. Enough about how this wraps looks. Down to the serious business of wrapping with this beauty. This measures around 3.9m so is a little over a size 4 & wraps pretty true to size. I tried this in both single & multiple layer carries, a simple ruck, a knotless double hammock & a shepherds carry, amongst others, were all tried with this wrap.

I expected the wrap to be quite grippy with the way the lace is woven into the wrap, so I was surprised to find that the passes glide nicely into place with ease when doing a multiple pass carry but the fabric still has enough grip to hold a slipknot in place. It isn’t so glidey is makes it difficult to control but I certainly didn’t find it as grippy as I’d expected. The wrap also has a certain degree of diagonal stretch, meaning I needed to wrap taking care to stretch out the fabric as G does have a habit of being able to find any potential slack & work it free but that stretch does mean it moulds nicely into place which is a favourite quality of mine in a wrap! As well as having that stretch, it feels lovely & supportive, nice & cushy on the shoulders too, all great qualities in a woven wrap for me.

One of the things I love most is that this wraps looks great with my jeans but equally I could see it being used as someones wedding day wrap, in fact I’m tempted to get out my wedding dress just to see how it looks!

The patterns I’ve seen from Lawilde have been beautiful, detailed yet subtle & the wraps I have met have been strong yet soft. The fabrics are wonderful & there are some exciting blends being released, including triple & quad blends. They certainly are one of the companies to keep an eye on! Lawilde really do offer beautiful babywearing as they say. The wraps, the little touches, all of these things contribute to making this a really beautiful babywearing experience.

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