REVIEW: Artipoppe Hazard Tyger Woven Wrap

IMG_2499Artipoppe was founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, by Anna who is a Mother of 3, with a passion for wraps & carrying. Artipoppe are producers of woven wraps & a name I have seen over & over on the forums ever since I started looking into carrying! Often lusted after by many but owned by few. They’re a bit like mythical creatures, the release is often preceded by a beautiful preview on their facebook page or a cryptic clue as to a release to come & only released in small quantities so I was really excited when Anna agreed to allow us to host one of her wraps for the picnic, particularly as it meant I would be able to experience one first hand!

I didn’t know what wrap was going to be coming & that is always exciting, it’s like getting a present, not knowing what you’re going to get when you open up the parcel! The postman knocked (well, buzzed but that’s beside the point!) & I went to sign for my parcel. The first thing I noticed was how heavy the parcel was. I was surprised but excited as I am a sucker for a cushy, squidgy wrap & a heavy parcel often means a weighty wrap!

Artipoppe Preview Photo

Artipoppe Preview Photo

I opened the parcel & was greeted by a beautiful plum-coloured, luxurious velvet bag, completely not what I expected as you tend to find wraps come in a cotton tote or sometimes a small, pillowcase style bag. Opening the bag, I wasn’t instantly sure on what wrap had arrived but as I took the wrap from the bag & started to unfold it, all became clear, it was Hazard Tyger! I remembered seeing the preview photographs for Hazard Tyger, I have to admit that I am definitely one for a bit of animal print & Tyger is probably one of my favourite Artipoppe patterns alongside Argus. It has a small middle marker on each hem with the ‘AP logo’ & a label on the hem which features the logo & company name as well as the blend & washing information.

The next thing I noticed was how thick & weighty the wrap felt but, given the weight of the parcel, it didn’t surprise me! The weight given by Artipoppe is 272gsm & it definitely feels like a really heavyweight wrap, I would never have guessed that it is less than 10gsm heavier than the Firespiral Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees I recently reviewed, I would have predicted a much greater difference. When a wrap feels this weighty, I’m always curious about the blend but I was surprised when I found out that the warp is 45% ecru egyptian cotton & the weft is a blend of 23% yellow egyptian cotton with 32% black cashmere, it feels much denser & weightier than any other woollies I’ve tried!

What is it like to wrap with? It’s not like anything I’ve wrapped with before. The texture of the weave & the way the pattern is almost ever so slightly raised means it has a great amount of grip! The thickness did make it slightly more difficult to manoeuvre the passes into place & it did mean that to get a really nice, snug wrap job I did need to put a fair bit of effort in to wrapping but once it is wrapped it is solid & it was sooooo cushy on my shoulders. We spent a day at the lake, I was comfy all day & the only adjustment I did was changing from a back to a front carry, there was no need to tighten & re-tighten so long as I put the effort in when I first wrapped.

The wrap came along to the picnic & a number of sling meets with me. I think almost everyone was surprised by the blend, commenting how it felt much more sturdy than other wool blends (wool, merino, cashmere etc) that they had tried in the past. The thickness also surprised people & a number of wrappers felt that as a long wrap it was quite overwhelming but they felt it would be great as a size 3/4 due to how supportive & solid it feels once wrapped.

I did get to meet another Tyger at the picnic, Albino Tyger, which is 55% hemp & 45% cotton. The two feel quite different, Albino feels much lighter in hand & seems to glide much more easily yet is still cushy & supportive, whilst Hazard feels much heavier weight & thicker in hand but still cushy, soft & supportive.

In terms of cost, this is quite an expensive wrap (although not the most expensive by any means!) & for a lot of people it will blow all budgets. Artipoppe are often known for selling on secondhand much above their original retail values which started at €290 (around £230) for a size 3, up to €410 (around £330) for a size 7.

Overall, in my opinion, this isn’t a wrap for a newborn or for those who like something which is easy to wrap with straight out of the bag. However, if you like your wraps cushy, supportive & you’re not afraid to put a bit of work in when you’re wrapping then this could certainly be one you might enjoy, if you can catch one!

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