REVIEW: Firespiral Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees Woven Wrap

Top-Bottom: Elements Starmap, Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees, Silver Starmap (Original Release), Gamma Crucis Starmap, Sling Library Teaching Wrap

Top-Bottom: Elements Starmap, Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees, Silver Starmap (Original Release), Gamma Crucis Starmap, Sling Library Teaching Wrap

In this house we have definitely have a love for Firespiral, I have an original Silver Starmap (with Italian linen), Rob has a Gamma Crucis Starmap (with Irish linen) & there is also one of the wonderful teaching wraps in the library. I love that the business is the creation of two very talented ladies who shared a dream of having their own designs woven in wraps & they made it happen! The wraps are woven here in the UK, local to where they both live near the West Pennine Moors, in a mill which is used to creating high quality bespoke fabrics from natural fibres.

As you may be aware, TCW recently hosted a picnic which brought together people from all over the country with a love for carrying & we had some very exciting wraps sent along to join us. I recently reviewed the wonderful Firespiral Elements Starmap & now it’s time for the second wrap that the wonderful ladies of Firespiral sent along, the beautiful Enchanted Cyano Birch Trees.

These birch trees are a blend of 50% combed cotton & 50% Italian linen, the same 2-ply linen which was used in the very first releases. The wrap came to us brand new, never been used yet it was so soft, straight out the bag! The Italian linen is unlike any linen that I have tried before, it requires no breaking in when it arrives but still seems to get better & better as you use it, as proven by my Silver Starmap which is so soft & blankety after plenty of use & it’s a real go to wrap.

Middle marker & close-up of the Alchemy weave.

Middle marker & close-up of the Alchemy weave.

The wrap weighs around 265gsm which makes it quite a heavy wrap yet it doesn’t feel thick or bulky. The weave may be part of what helps to keep it from feeling thick as it is woven using the Alchemy weave, the more traditional, looser weave that Firespiral are well known for. The weave isn’t to everyone’s taste, you do need to look after it as it is quite easy to pull but the perk of it being so loose is that, even if you do pull it, it is quite easy to remedy any pulls.

I’d not seen any of the wraps woven on a tri-colour warp in person so I was really excited to see this one arrive & especially interested to see how it looked against the weft colour which is a soft grey that shimmers with hints of green & silver. The warp is wonderfully bright yet combined with the subtle weft colour it isn’t too in your face, a really clever colour combination!

What about how it wraps? I love it because of how easy it is to wrap with right from the off. You don’t feel like you’re fighting to get the passes to move yet they don’t feel like they’re slipping all over the place. It is lovely & mouldable, easy to get a nice comfortable carry for both of you without a huge amount of effort. I’ve carried George in a front cross carry, a kangaroo, a ruck with a candycane finish & a double hammock tied at shoulder; all of which were really comfortable, even for a full day out at the zoo! Even if I’ve not done the greatest wrap job ever, thanks to battling with toddler who is tired & doesn’t want to walk home from nursery but would rather sit on the pavement until his legs recover, it’s still comfortable & not diggy at all!

Flat shot of the pattern (full wrap width).

Flat shot of the pattern (full wrap width).

When this was at the picnic & when I’ve taken it to library sessions, people really have fallen in love with how easy it is to use & how snuggly it feels when you’re wearing it. Not one mention of sagging or digging. The only negatives I have had are from people who are worried about pulls but I think the positives certainly outweigh the negatives &, with a little research, this wrap should be pretty easy to care for with pulls being pretty easy to remedy.

The other thing people have noticed is that the wrap only has one middle marker. This is standard practice for all Firespiral wraps (teaching wrap excluded) & doesn’t deter me from using it at all, in fact it helps me notice which is the right way up in the case of this particular pattern!

Yet again this is something special from the lovely ladies of Firespiral Slings. This wrap is heavy enough to feel blankety & wonderful for the colder days but not so heavy that you feel stifled by it when it is warm, a real year round wrap. The linen is strong & supportive for a toddler, yet soft & squishy enough for a newborn, straight out the bag. It will work equally well as a shorty or a longer wrap & because of the ease with which it wraps, it is as suited to a beginner as it is to a more experienced wrapper. They certainly do know how to create some wonderful wraps & I have a sneaking suspiscion that the ones we currently own won’t be leaving us any time soon & certainly won’t be our last!

* At the time of publishing the review, this beautiful wrap is currently unreleased but it has been announced that they will be listed for sale on the website at 9pm (BST) on Friday 5th September. The prices haven’t been announced but looking on the website, comparable wraps are priced around £96-£151 for size 2-7 respectively. *

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