September 2014: Ruck / Rucksack Carry (Tied in Front)

A new month & a new carry, September (already!) and it’s the turn of the ruck tied in front. This was one of the very first back carries I learnt & it forms the basis for a number of carries that I do.

This carry can be done with a size 3 or 4 wrap. In the photograph tutorial I have used a size 3 Joy & Joe Blackberry Ripple & in the video I have used a size 4 Joy & Joe Shiver Me Paisley Aurantico.

There are all sorts of ways to finish a ruck & some variations can be done with a size 2 wrap. This fab video from the wonderful Wrapyouinlove shows some of the different finishes for a ruck, some using sling rings.

I’m doing something a little different this month, not only have I got the photograph tutorial, I have also filmed my very first YouTube tutorial! I would love your feedback on both the photo tutorials & the video tutorials, what you like & what you don’t, as well as what you’d like to see in future.

First up is the photograph tutorial. This is slightly less detailed than the video tutorial & doesn’t feature sandwiched shoulders.

1. Begin with the middle marker of your wrap central on your child’s back & then get your child on your back using your chosen method. Next, secure your top rails. I do this by putting them in my teeth.

2. Now you need to pull any excess wrap down your childs back & create your seat, making sure it supports from knee to knee.

3. Now you’re going to work with one side at a time so secure one end between your knees or in your teeth if your wrap isn’t long enough. Working on the free end, tighten the wrap, strand by strand, to remove any slack. Keeping tension the, bring the tail to the back, over your childs first leg & under their other leg back round to the front. Secure between your knees.

4. Repeat with the other tail, leaving you with two even tails. Secure the wrap by tying a double knot at your waist.

5. If you are both safe & comfortable you’re good to go!

Now it’s time for something new, my very first YouTube video tutorial! This is a little more detailed than the photograph tutorial, featuring sandwiched shoulders & a few extra tips. If you’re watching on your mobile then you won’t be able to see the captions, although they apparently do show on an iPad!

And thats a wrap for this month! As always, please work within your limits & only do what you’re comfortable with. If you have any questions just shout & I’ll help where I can. Have fun & don’t forget to share your photos & feedback over on the facebook page!

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