REVIEW: Joy & Joe Baby Shiver Me Paisleys Aurantico Woven Wrap

IMG_2157Joy & Joe Baby are a British company who are probably best known for their Shiver Me Paisleys (SMP) woven wrap which has been woven in a variety of colourways. I have reviewed a couple of their wraps previously, first was the Blackberry Ripple & then the Maxi Roses. Both wraps were very different from one another & this wrap is different yet again!

Everything about the production of Joy & Joe Baby wraps is British. They are woven in the north of England by experienced weavers who have woven jacquard fabric for some of the large UK fashion houses, the yarns are also dyed in the UK & their tailors are a husband & wife team based in Rochdale.

This SMP Aurantico wrap I’ve been sent for review is a prototype with a pre-order opening tomorrow (8/8/2014), aiming for the wraps to be delivered before Halloween. It is woven from 100% Egyptian cotton & weighs in at 250gsm which, I would say, feels about right. The original SMP wraps were woven in a bonded weave but the recent SMP Noir & the upcoming SMP Aurantico are woven in a single jacquard weave which is quite different to the weave of the Blackberry Ripple or the Maxi Roses, it is quite textured almost. It has a bright orange warp & a midnight blue weft but the orange is so hard to photograph accurately as it switches from a vibrant orange to a saffron yellow & a variety of shades in between depending on the light it is subjected to! The colours are really wonderful, bright & summery yet wonderful for the autumn too. The orange shimmers, the blue switches between a deep blue & an almost purple, making it a really eye-catching combination! It is also unlikely that this colourway will be re-produced so if you have your eye on it then I recommend you snap one up in the pre-order!

The design is slightly different to previous SMP as there are additional lace details around the crossbones of the design. You can see the differences in the comparison photograph with SMP Noir which is the recent release. There are 2 small middle markers sewn into the hems which are small white labels featuring a heart &, near one tail, there is the Joy & Joe Baby label as well as a label featuring product & safety information. The hemming is neat & well done with no noticeable faults to be picked up.

IMG_2217The wrap I have here for testing & review has barely been used. It has been worn for a photoshoot for less than an hour! According to the information I have been sent, they are finished in-house using a steaming method which helps to settle fibres into place meaning you are able to wrap with it as soon as you receive it. It is soft enough to wrap with straight away with no real difficulty, although would probably take a little breaking in to reach that wonderfully soft state that is perfect for a newborn. That said, I have a feeling it will break in & soften quite quickly into a blankety wrap which is soft enough for a squish yet solid enough for a toddler!

As with anything orange that comes into our house, Rob had to get his hands on it! He has been searching for a the perfect orange wrap for a while & he’s certainly a big fan of this one. His go to carry is a ruck tied tibetan & he said the wrap was easy to work with & was comfortable to boot, not diggy at all.

It is nice & grippy thanks to the texture of the weave but it is not so grippy it makes wrapping hard work. My go to carry has been a double hammock recently & I can just eek a regular one out of this! I’ve also done a double hammock tied at shoulder & a kangaroo. Each time I’ve wrapped, I found that G has stayed put & hasn’t sunk or sagged which is another plus point. It also has a lovely amount of diagonal stretch too which means it is quite mouldable & I think that all of its wrapping qualities will only improve as the wrap breaks in further. It even came with sleepy dust!

Photo 06-08-2014 21 14 31In short, this is a great wrap, especially with G who is fast approaching 18 months. I’m looking forward to using the wrap more over the next week or so before it returns home, seeing how much & how quickly it changes. This wrap has only been with us for a short period of time but I wanted to get a review up for those of you who will be thinking of purchasing during the time the pre-order is running. I’ll be updating the review over the coming days with any thoughts we have as we get to know the wrap better, as well as some additional action shots seen as I’ve been without my usual photographer!

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