REVIEW: Bebe Sachi Wrap Conversion Mei Tei

IMG_0244Bebe Sachi is a brand owned by a Malaysian social enterprise who offer a range of carriers including woven wraps (standard & khadi lines), mei tai & ring slings. The project was started with an aim of building a community made of people who share a passion for sustainability, the preservation of cultural craftsmanship & giving those who weave the fabric the dignity of work.

The entire process of production, right from spinning & dyeing the yarn to the weaving & the finishing of the fabric is done locally, reviving the art of handloomed fabrics in Bangladesh under fairtrade conditions. The story behind this fabric is part of what makes it so special. The weaver who created the fabric used to make this mei tai is part of a family who have been hand-weaving fabric for five generations but he was forced to give this tradition up & take a cleaning job in a factory. Until Bebe Sachi came along that is! So not only are you getting a product made from handwoven fabric, you are contributing to this wonderful project.

These mei tai retail at around £70.00 plus postage which, for a product made from handwoven wrap fabric, seems an absolute bargain so I was more than a little bit curious to see what it was like when I arrived. They aren’t produced is huge quantities so often don’t make it to the Etsy Store but are often sold via the Bebe Sachi Love (BSL) Facebook group or you can message Bebe Sachi direct via their Facebook page to find out if they have any in stock.

IMG_1879I wasn’t at home when the postman arrived with the parcel but Rob opened it & got to have the first play with it. His first reaction was a text message telling me how unbelievably soft it was & then he promptly took it out for a test run! Rob is a lover of woven wraps & every carrier he uses gets compared to how comfortable he finds them. Once he’d given the mei tai a test run he was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was & he really loved it, especially how soft it was. In fact, he still seems to obsess over the softness of it even now!

IMG_1908When I finally got my hands on it, I was also blown away by the softness of it. Considering it was brand new, there is no breaking in required with this at all. It’s the most amazing, snuggly wrap fabric & my first thought was that will be absolutely wonderful to use with young baby! There are occasional nubs & slubs & weaver knots but they almost add character to the fabric, are part of its story & not detrimental to the safety of the carrier at all. It has lovely wide wrap straps which flare out from a gathered shoulder & it has nice wide waist straps, along with leg padding & a padded, curved top which acts as a headrest of sorts, but is still flexible enough to fold down. It measures roughly 14in wide by 17in tall from the top of the headrest to the waiststraps & also has a drawstring at the base meaning the seat of the carrier can be quickly cinched for a smaller baby yet the wide, wrap straps can be used to help add width to the panel for a larger child. It is even reversible with both the front & back of the body panel being suited to being on show so you get 2 looks for the price of one!

IMG_1919So. Lets get down to the important stuff. How does it feel when it’s on? I was certainly interested to see how it would feel with G. I tried him on my front using the instructions on the Bebe Sachi website, as well as on my back & I wasn’t disappointed. Even though the body panel is slightly to small width-wise for him, the wrap straps made it a perfect fit for him quite easily, even when he was on my back. The wonderful wide straps cupped my shoulders & didn’t dig, even with the super-soft fabric he didn’t sag or feel heavy at all. When I put G on my back, I tied the top straps tibetan & undid the waist straps which I then threaded through the shoulder straps to get them out of the way. This was really comfortable & it didn’t feel like it slipped at all which is important when tying tibetan.

IMG_2029I do have one complaint about this carrier. That is the fact that there aren’t more of them available! That said, I think that the story behind them & the fact they are handwoven means that I can appreciate why they aren’t more readily available. To be honest, I would much rather that, instead of them start trying to churn out more & more carriers, they maintain the standard of work they are doing, with the wonderful heritage & work they do with the people in the villages.

I definitely recommend popping over & saying hello in the BSL Facebook group as that’s the best place to be to find out all about what’s coming up, what they have available for sale & it is often where they come up for trade before making it to some of the bigger boards. Overall, this is a truly wonderful carrier with a truly wonderful story. It is beautiful, comfortable, easy to care for, long-lasting & an absolute bargain for a wrap conversion mei tai. What more could you want?!?

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One Response to REVIEW: Bebe Sachi Wrap Conversion Mei Tei

  1. wearific says:

    It sure is a beautiful Mei Tai!

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