August 2014: Kangaroo Carry

It’s August (where has this year gone?!?) & time for a new carry of the month post! I’ve recently become part of a new group on Facebook called WrapJedi which is for those people who love the versatility of woven wraps & they are doing a new carry every week to challenge themselves! So I have decided that the Kangaroo will be the carry for August to match their very first carry of the week!

This carry can be done with shorter & longer wraps, some people can manage it with a size 2 but, when I’m carrying G, I prefer to work with a size 3 upwards (I’m a size 14 & G is almost 18mths). For this tutorial, I’m going to use a size 4, silver Firespiral Starmap.

1. The middle marker should ideally be central on your childs back so needs to be central on your chest. Then put both ends of the wrap over your shoulders with the left end over the left shoulder & vice versa. This will create a ‘pouch’ which the child will be seated in.

IMG_1835     IMG_1837

2. The next step is to get your child then, from underneath the pouch, reach through & bring their feet through the pouch.

IMG_1838     IMG_1839

3. Spread enough fabric up your childs back to reach the nape of the neck & then, making sure the fabric supports your child from knee to knee, you can tuck the excess fabric between you both to create a seat.

3A     3B

4. Next comes the shoulder flip! Reach under the fabric which goes over your shoulder & grab the rail (edge/hem) closest to your neck & pull it underneath the rest of the fabric so the fabric over the shoulder has now flipped over.

4A     4B     4C

5. Take the fabric, spread it across your back, tighten, take the wrap over your childs leg & pass to the hand in front. You may find that wiggling your shoulder backwards & forwards will make tightening the wrap slightly easier, you can see Wrapyouinlove use the shoulder wiggle in the video at the end of the post.

5A     5B     5C

6. Repeat step 5 on the other side.

7. The next step is to tighten ‘strand-by-strand’ to ensure the wrap is snug & smooth across you both with no pockets of slack anywhere. As in step 5, you may find the shoulder wiggle is a helpful technique when tightening the wrap. You can tighten ‘strand-by-strand’ by holding both ends of the wrap in one hand & use the other hand to tighten the wrap & then pass it to the hand holding the ends of the wrap. Be sure to take your time to tighten the wrap well. Tie a double knot to secure.

7A     7B

8. Now you have tied your knot & secured the wrap, check your child is safe & comfortable. Then, if you are comfortable, you’re done!

8A     8B

8D     8C

As always, take things at you own pace & do what you (& your little one) are comfortable with & enjoy yourself! If you have any questions or you’d like to share a photo of your kangaroo carry, feel free to post here or get in touch via the Facebook page, the website or come say hello in the WrapJedi group 🙂

For those of you who like to watch a video tutorial, this is a wonderful one by the lovely Wrapyouinlove on YouTube. She uses a size 6 Fidella Outer Space & shows that you can tie behind you if you are using a slightly longer wrap. She also shows the shoulder wiggle technique which is really helpful when you’re tightening the wrap.


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