REVIEW: Snugiwraps Deluxe Half-Buckle

IMG_7358Snugiwraps is a British business, a small family business, which started in 2011 & produces a variety of carriers which have all been designed by a babywearing consultant. They are all carefully manufactured from one base in Norfolk & each go through the same quality control, aiming to provide carriers which are of a consistently high standard.

I had a look at both the website & facebook page before getting in touch to place an order. There are often a small number of in-stock carriers on the website which are available to be posted the next day, meaning that you can have a carrier within a few days. However the majority of the options available in the shop are for ‘design your own’ carriers which I was quite excited at the prospect of!

The first step is choosing your carrier. Snugiwraps offer a large choice of carrier style, the website features;

  • stretchy wraps
  • classic carriers
    • mei-tai
    • half-buckle
    • full-buckle
  • deluxe carriers
    • mei-tai (available with a buckled waist)
    • full-buckle
  • wrap-tai (available with a buckled waist)
  • wrap conversions
    • mei-tai (available with a buckled waist)
    • full-buckle
    • ring sling

The main difference between classic & deluxe carriers is the added feature of a padded waistband, as well as additional options to customise your carrier such as the colour of the straps & little extras like leg padding & plush lining.

Once you have chosen the type of carrier, you need to start thinking about the details. Size is the first option, Snugiwraps recommend that on average their standard size carrier fits from 5mths-2yrs so not to rush into buying a toddler carrier. They also offer the option to have a pre-school carrier if you contact them!

Next up is the strap length, waist style & strap colour! You can choose from 3 lengths of strap, a tie or buckled waist & a whole host of different strap colours. There are multiple choices of hood, as well as the other little extras we mentioned earlier.

The hardest part is next & that’s choosing the fabric! You can even send your own fabric for the outer panel, otherwise they will direct you to a number of websites where you can choose from literally hundreds of different fabrics!

I opted for a standard sized, deluxe mei-tai with a buckled waist & black straps, then I decided to add a SnugiHood & thigh padding! I was surprised to discover that once I’d added all my chosen options, the full cost of the carrier was £71.00. For what is essentially a custom carrier, I think that’s a bargain!

Possibly even harder than choosing the fabric, is the wait for the carrier to arrive! As the carrier is made to order, there is upto a 4 week wait for delivery which is a pretty good timeframe from start to finish. The carrier arrived in good time & wrapped in a fab purple mailing bag! Opening the bag felt like Christmas, I was so excited when it arrived & once it was open, I wasn’t disappointed!

IMG_7343The carrier is beautiful. It has a small makers label, just near where the shoulder strap is inserted into the body panel, also stating that it is handmade in the UK. The shoulder straps are inserted into the body, coming out at an angle, and lightly padded at the top with the padding stitched into 3 sections. There is just enough padding to be comfortable but not too much that the straps become difficult to work with. The fabric is a thick, cotton drill which has just enough grip so that it isn’t slipping all over the place when you’re tying & your knot will stay nicely in place.

The waistband is made from the same cotton drill as the straps, with the waist band padding being slightly thicker than that in the shoulder straps to give it a little more structure but stitched into the same 3 sections which keeps it evenly spread. It is comfortable & not so rigid that the carrier becomes uncomfortable to sit down in.

IMG_7376The main panel is made from 3 layers. The front fabric is a bright, funky zig-zag patterned cotton (even if I do say so myself!), the reverse of the panel is the cotton drill as before & there is thicker layer in between. The placement of the pattern had clearly been thought about with the zig-zags on the hood running opposite to those on the body panel & the hood has ties which can be threaded through loops on the shoulder to keep the hood in place which is a great touch.

The stitching on the carrier is beautifully done, the overstitching is neat & unintrusive, it is all done with such care to ensure that the safety or appearance of the carrier is not affected by poor stitching or poor craftsmanship.

IMG_1697The safety instructions sent with the carriers are reviewed on a regular basis & they aim to ensure that the advice given is as up to date as possible. The carrier instructions are all available on the website which is great as instructions often have a habit of going walkabouts! The only thing the website instructions could perhaps be missing is some photographs as some people learn much better from photographs. However there are instructional videos for a few of the carriers which is a great tool!

In terms of fit & comfort. I was surprised quite how comfortable the carrier is. I, personally, tend to find wrap-straps much more comfortable on carriers but these padded straps are really comfy! The waistband is IMG_1727comfortably padded, with no digging from the webbing & no discomfort if I need to sit down when wearing the carrier. The body panel is of a generous size so will last for a good length of time, although it may need cinching at the base for a smaller child. You can see here that G still has plenty of room at 17 months!

This carrier is easy to work with & really comfortable to wear, as well as being a fab price! What more could you be looking for in a carrier?!? It is part of the TCW library & is available for hire, it certainly won’t be the last carrier from Snugiwraps that is added to the library, I have my eyes on a classic full buckle & a wrap-tai next!


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    I am really curious about these!

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