REVIEW: Dotty Moo Moo Toddler Mei Tai

IMG_0253SimplyMeiTai are known for producing beautiful, bespoke, handcrafted carriers to the exact specifications of the person ordering & have been around since 2006. So I was rather excited to learn that Dotty Moo Moo is their spin-off company, offering simple wrap conversion mei tai with the aim of being able carriers with no need for waiting lists or fighting is out in a draw for slots!

I’d seen photographs of the carrier as it travelled around libraries & was really looking forward to it arriving. When it arrived the first thing I noticed was the colour, a vibrant shade of spring green, not my usual colour choice at all but I fell in love with it the longer it was here! It is made from Colimaçon & Cie wrap fabric which is 100% organic cotton, woven in a broken twill weave. The fabric is really lovely, soft & snuggly but still supportive at the same time! I don’t want to talk too much about the fabric though as I am aware that the decision has been made to change the fabric she is using for the carriers to Little Frog woven wrap fabric due to supply issues. I think this can only be a good move as fabric supply issues aren’t fun for anyone &, having played with this carrier, I’m excited to try one of the new ones!

The carrier itself is very simple in structure. It is a mei-tai carrier with a tie waist, wrap straps & an unpadded, curved headrest. No hood. No padding. No complexity. A simple, wrap-conversion mei-tai. The toughest decision is going to be choosing your fabric!


Impeccable stitching & ingenious label placement.

The next thing that I noticed was the stitching. Not because it stood out or was problematic but because of how perfect it is! Perfectly straight & not one blemish that I could see. Even the makers label is beautifully placed, just over the box stitching for one of the shoulder straps, such an ingenious placement choice! When a carrier is as simple as this is, there is nothing to hide behind, the simple things matter &, in this case, everything is done exceptionally well!

Making daisy chains together.

Making daisy chains together.

So. The important question. How does it wear? I did both front & back carries with the Dotty Moo Moo. The straps were a great length, not too short there wasn’t enough but not too long I felt swamped with fabric. It was easy to put on & very easy to get comfortable. It was easy to get the straps into place, they moved easily but didn’t slip all over the place. The wide wrap straps cupped the shoulders perfectly & spread the weight really well, without any sign of digging whatsoever. The width of the straps will also help lengthen the life-span of the carrier as they can be used to add width to the carrier once a child has grown out of it, in the respect of the carrier being knee-to-knee. This is a toddler-sized mei-tai & G is coming up to 18 months. He still had plenty of growing room but wasn’t swamped by it.

Down by the canal.

Down by the canal.

The plan is that these carriers will be available with a 2/3 week turnaround or be in-stock & will be available in 2 sizes; standard (6 months upwards) & toddler (18mths upwards). They are priced at £80 plus postage (price correct at time of review), which is an amazing price for a wrap conversion carrier of any sort, let alone one of this standard.

The Dotty Moo Moo is a carrier I am sad to post on. It is beautifully made, wonderfully comfortable & a true joy to wear. And the price makes it even better! I fully intend to add one to the library at some point in the future so that I am able to share just how wonderful a carrier this is with the world!

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  1. Peri says:

    ‘The dotty moo moo is a carrier I am sad to post on…’

    Was this a typo (at end of review).

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