REVIEW: Sling Studio Punk Greenday Woven Wrap

Photo 16-06-2014 22 26 10Sling Studio was created by Alicia in 2013 & described as ‘quintessentially British baby slings’. The products are all designed, woven & crafted in Britain, inspired by British culture & surroundings. Alicia has brought together a wide range of people, including mills, hand weavers, textile designers & even photographers, with the primary idea of creating the ultimate wrap to carry your child.

There are plans for both hand & machine woven wraps to be released in a variety of blends & I recently had the pleasure of a short holiday with the beautiful Punk in Greenday, one of the machine woven wraps being released. When deciding what wrap to send me, Alicia asked if there were any in particular which had caught my eye & Greenday was the first from my lips.

When the postman arrived, I was so excited to open the parcel & I wasn’t disappointed. It’s such a beautiful shade of turquoise, contrasting against the subtle silvery tones of the reverse side, the combination is wonderful & definitely one that looks great in carries that show of both sides of the wrap!

The pattern is almost reminiscent of something you would expect to find on the catwalks of British fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood, you can really see the British influence coming through. It’s a mix of plaid combined with chains, clusters of beautiful roses & skulls. The pattern wasn’t to everyone’s tastes but even those who said the pattern wasn’t for them, agreed that it was a beautiful wrap, the colour was particularly popular!

IMG_8607The blend for this wrap, as well as others by Sling Studio, is a blend of 78% Egyptian cotton & 22% linen. Weighing in at 320g/m2, it is a heavier weight wrap but it surprising doesn’t feel completely overwhelming. It has a complex double weave which when brand new it is rather beastly but, according to other reviewers as I only had it here for a short period of time, it breaks in quickly to become something rather wonderful, almost feeling like you get double the benefits as it breaks in. I would certainly love to have a play with one that has been completely broken in!

The wrap I had on holiday was a prototype so was missing it’s labels but the finished product will feature two different middle markers, one with the Sling Studio logo & the other saying made in England, another nod to the British heritage these wraps have.

IMG_8598The hems are quite deep in comparison to other wraps but I quite liked that. I felt that it almost reduced the risk of the hem becoming diggy, particularly with how thick the wrap is I imagine that the width of the hem means it sits flat, almost as part of the wrap as opposed to becoming quite thick & cumbersome.

On to how it wraps. I worried that with it being a heavy wrap & it not being broken in, it would be unbearably difficult to work with. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest wrap to begin with but, even in the few days I had it, I could start to feel it being tamed!

I found that in multiple pass carries, such as the double hammock, it takes some effort to tighten but it has that delightful stretch & mouldability that helps make a carry so comfortable the extra effort is worth it. I even loved having enough grip that a single knot held surprisingly well.

IMG_8803I asked a mum at our local sling meet to try it with her little one who is around 4 months old. They are quite new to wrapping but she loved the feel of the wrap & the pattern, especially how solid the carry was once it was in place but felt it would probably be better when she is a little more experienced & her little one is a bit bigger.

I think this would make a wonderful toddler wrap, short or long. It is strong & supportive, grippy but still with that wonderful stretch & cush. G (16mths) was weightless in every carry I tried, single or multiple layer.

Overall, this is a wonderful wrap. The colour, the pattern, the support, the stretch, the cush. They are all such beautiful qualities to have in a wrap & the customer service is second to none. If you want a wrap which is kitten soft out the bag, then perhaps this isn’t the wrap for you (there aren’t many linen wraps that are soft out the bag!) but I urge you to reconsider, as if you’re prepared to put a little bit of work in, you’ll get a whole lot of pleasure in return!


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