Amy & Ivor Urban Moccs

IMG_7772I heard of Amy & Ivor a while ago through a parenting group on Facebook. I fell in love with their little moccasins but as G was growing so quickly & starting to think about walking, I was reluctant to buy more soft shoes so put them in my memory banks for bubba number two, whenever they should be on their way!

I started looking into shoes for G as he started to walk more confidently, wanting to toddle about outside more often & I started looking into the idea ‘barefoot’ type shoes for him. According to a lot of the reading I did, the benefits of going barefoot, particularly at such a young age, are many & can have long-term implications. I spend a lot of time barefoot myself but, as we all know, it’s not always practical to be barefoot & shoes are sometimes necessary. One of the articles I read, listed Amy & Ivor as the top barefoot shoe for children so I decided to look into them a bit further & get in touch.

Reading their website, they describe themselves as ‘…a small, British brand hand crafting luxury quality, cool & stylish, leather baby & toddler moccasins within the UK’. I like to think G is quite a cool, stylish little dude (when he’s not covered in food or mud!) & I like the idea that he can have nice shoes that are good for his feet too!

I sent a message via the Amy & Ivor facebook page asking about available colours, how to order etc & received a response from Alice really quickly! That ticked my first box. A pet peeve of mine is companies who either take an age to respond to your questions or, worse still, don’t respond to you at all. Not only was the response quick, but it was helpful too, even better! She’d clearly read my message, paid attention to what I’d asked & answered every question too.

We had a chat via messages & Alice couldn’t have been more helpful. She was so helpful at every stage, even helping me work out the best way to measure G’s feet & helping me decide what size to order! Even when I dropped the bombshell that we had a wedding to attend 2 weeks later, that was in Northern Ireland, nothing was too much trouble.

We chose to order the urban moccasins which are a simpler design than the traditional ones, we’d decided they’d look better with his little suit he’d been asked to wear as a pageboy at the wedding. I recieved a message letting me know that the shoes had been posted to the address of the bride & groom in Northern Ireland the same day that we flew, the following day we had a knock on the door & the postman handed me a brown-paper parcel.

When I opened the parcel, I was delighted. Inside was a little brown box, with the logo on the lid & the details of what I could find inside written on the end of the box, along with a handwritten note on a postcard, yet another little personal touch that makes something feel really special. You know that feeling you get when someone gives you a present, those butterflies in you stomach & that giddy feeling? I had that & I really hoped that I wasn’t going to be disappointed by what I found inside. I lifted the lid, unfolded the crisp paper & was met by the most beautiful little pair of leather shoes I have ever seen!

Such beautiful shoes!

Such beautiful shoes!

Looking rather smart as a page boy!

Looking rather smart as a page boy!

We tried them on, they were easy to get on & they fitted wonderfully, then we put them safely in the box until the morning of the wedding. On the morning of the wedding, we put him in his little suit, then it was time for the shoes…an almost perfect match to his little, grey suit & I don’t think you could have got much closer considering the differing fabrics!

The next bit may amaze you, it may not. G stayed in them. Not just for the wedding. All day. From leaving the house at 11am to getting home at some ungodly hour (I think it was about 2:30am). Don’t get me wrong, he fell asleep at about 10pm all snuggled up in a wrap but he still didn’t kick them off, which is an amazing thing because normally he hates having his feet covered when he’s asleep, even sleepsuits annoy him, so he must be comfortable in them. They didn’t even come off when he was toddling & crawling around. Not once. Major points for that one!


Barely a mark!

The next thing that amazed me was how well they stood up to a full day of toddling around, not just indoors but outdoors too, on gravel & on damp grass. There was, and still is, not a mark on the soles of them or the toes, despite him toddling all over the place in them. The main visual difference is that the logo that has been stamped into the outside of the leather sole has smoothed back again from being toddled around on. Other than that, I don’t really think you’d notice much difference.

These little shoes are perfect for us. They’ve stood up to some serious toddling & I’m seriously impressed with how well they stay on. Not only are they practical but they look rather fab too! I certainly get the feeling that these will be grown out of as opposed to worn out of. I also get the feeling these won’t be the only pair of Amy & Ivor moccasins to grace our household! And call me sentimental but I’m really looking forward to the little footprint that it going to develop inside the shoes as the more he wears them, the more the suede insole will start to show his little footprint & that is something I will treasure forever.

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  1. gruffalogirl says:

    I’m so excited for our first pair to arrive 😁

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