June 2014: Double Hammock Rebozo (DHR)

So carry of the month, month 2 & I’ve chosen the double hammock rebozo, also known as DHR. This carry can be done with a size 2 or 3 woven wrap (depending on the your size & your childs size) & you could even do it with a long ring sling (2.2m upwards depending on size of the person carrying & the child being carried), as shown below by the lovely Ali from Cariad Babywearing.

DHR with a 2.2m ring sling

DHR with a 2.2m ring sling

A good video tutorial I’ve used in the past is this one by Rose from Carry Them. It’s nice & detailed but simple at the same time.

As always, I’d love to see how you all get on with this carry. Feel free to share your photographs here or over on the facebook page!

So, on with the photograph tutorial. Don’t forget to take your time, work within your limits & have fun!

1. To find your starting point, place the middle marker of the wrap in the centre of your chest, wrap around to the centre of your back & this is your starting point. By starting off centre, you will end up having a long & a short tail. For this carry, the long tail does all the work. It’s worth trying this carry both ways as you may find one way easier than the other!

A   B   C

2. Place your starting point central on your childs back, around the nape of the neck & then get them onto your back using your preferred method. I like to superman G on to my back but other methods include the hip scoot & the santa toss.

3. Once they are on your back, secure the top rails whilst you get the seat in place, ensuring they are supported from knee to knee. Some people secure the rails under their chin, other people prefer to use their teeth.

D4. Now, keeping the tension, you need to keep the short tail coming over your shoulder & bring the long tail under your arm. The easiest way I’ve found to keep tension in the shorter tail, is to twist it into a rope & then hold the rope in my mouth!

eE   E

5. Still working with the longer tail, bring the pass across your chest & under the other arm. You can spread the chest pass or you can keep it bunched as a rope, its personal preference.

F6. Still keeping tension on the shorter tail, pass the long tail around to behind you & spread it high & across babies back, then bring it under your arm.

G   H   I

7. Now you have both passes in front of you (one coming over your shoulder & the other coming under your arm), you can tie a double knot, use a slip-knot or fasten your ring-sling.

J8. All that’s left to do now is check your child is safe in the finished carry, check they are comfortable & check that you’re comfortable. Now admire your work & have fun!

K   M

L   N









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  1. Reblogged this on Cariad Babywearing and commented:
    The Double Hammovk Rebozo is one of my favourite woven wrap carries. This is one of the best tutorials I’ve seen, and we’ve even got a mention!

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