May 2014 : Jordans Back Carry

One of the things that has been mentioned in a local babywearing group, was the potential for a carry challenge where people have the opportunity to perhaps learn something new or refine older skills (practice makes perfect!). Earlier this year, I completed a challenge that involved a new carry every day & although it was good fun, it was quite a lot of work & not everyone carries every day. So following some discussions, I came to the conclusion that by having a ‘Carry of the Month’ challenge, it gives me chance to do a proper photograph tutorial for each one, as well as giving everyone time to learn, practice & hopefully get to grips with each carry safely & fully, instead of trying something once & then forgetting it (my biggest problem with the COTD!)!

The carry of the month for May 2014 is the Jordans Back Carry. It’s a multiple pass back carry; consisting of a hammock pass, a cross pass & a horizontal pass. A great page to help explain the differences between the various types of pass & other wrapping terminology can be found here.

For this carry, you will most likely need a size 5/6 woven wrap. I have used a size 6 Girasol Deag (cream weft) for the tutorial, just in case you were wondering!

There are plenty of video tutorials for this carry available on YouTube & I’ve previously used this one by BabywearingFaith. However, I sometimes struggle to keep up with videos when I’m learning new carries & often end up having to pause & rewind, resulting in me getting frustrated, so I thought I’d do a photograph tutorial instead of another video!

As always, any questions, just give me a shout! Stay safe & only do what you feel comfortable with. I’d love to see photos of how you get on & I’ll happily share them at the end of this post & on the Facebook page for those of you who’d like to join in. Have fun!

Photo Tutorial: Jordans Back Carry

A - IMG_61541. For this carry we start with the middle marker of the wrap central on your wrappee, around the nape of the neck.

Get them onto your back using your preferred method.

Once they are on your back, secure the top rails whilst you get your seat in place, making sure they are supported from knee to knee.



C - IMG_6158B - IMG_61572. Keeping the tension, you need to keep one end of the wrap coming over your shoulder & move the other so it comes under your arm.





E - IMG_6161D - IMG_61593. Starting with the end that is coming under your arm, pass it back over your shoulder & take it down towards your wrappees knee.





F - IMG_61604. Spread the wrap over your wrappees back, making sure it reaches from knee to knee.







G - IMG_61635. Then take the wrap under the opposite leg & secure it, I put it between my knees for now.







I - IMG_6167H - IMG_61666. Now using the section of wrap which came over your shoulder originally, take the top rail, pass it under your arm & behind you to the other hand.





J - IMG_61697. Spread the pass, horizontally, over your wrappees back, making sure it reaches from knee to knee.







K - IMG_61708. Take the pass over your wrappees leg & under your arm.







L - IMG_61719. Tie off at the waist using a double knot.







Alternatively & if you have enough wrap, you could finish by tying tibetan. This removes the knot at the waist which some people may find more comfortable.

N - IMG_6173M - IMG_617210. Instead of tying the knot at the waist, take one end of the wrap up to the opposite shoulder &  thread through the shoulder strap from outside to inside.




O - IMG_6174P - IMG_6175Q - IMG_6176R - IMG_617711. Repeat with the other end of the wrap & you’re all finished!














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