REVIEW: Baie Slings Trowen Nightingale Woven Wrap

IMG_6040Baie Slings are a Yorkshire-based family business, who work with local businesses at every stage throughout their production process. I’ve previously encountered their work in the form of the half-buckle wrap conversion made of their Magma woven wrap & I’ve briefly felt a ring sling made from Trowen Emerald & Ecru as well as their Flying Fish design so I was really excited when I was offered the opportunity to review their latest offering in the Trowen design, Trowen Nightingale.

bagAll wraps & ring slings from Baie Slings come in a 100% cotton tote bag free of charge (although they are available to order separately if you would like one). The one accompanying this wrap was a lovely mulberry colour, screen printed with a section of the Trowen pattern & the Baie Slings logo in a lovely shade of pale gold. The pattern on the bag matching that on the wrap is a really lovely touch which just shows the level of attention to detail that is paid at Baie Slings!

My first impression as I pulled the wrap from the bag was how rich & deep the colours are, as well as what an amazing shimmer the fabric appears to have. The pattern is reminiscent of Celtic knots, which combined with the beautiful colourway creates a wrap which is simple & understated yet complex & detailed at the same time. This wrap has been a real tough one to photograph accurately colour-wise, as it seems to change so much depending on what light it is in, as you can see from the many photographs in this review!

IMG_6037Trowen Nightingale is made from 100% combed cotton & differs from previous releases of the Trowen design slightly as it is woven in a tighter weave, more like their newest release, Calypso. It feels beautifully soft but sturdy at the same time, feeling medium-thick & quite cushy in hand, weighing in at around 250gsm. It is a size 5, measuring at roughly 442cm long & 68cm wide, soft tape in hand.

All hemming is done by Juliette herself, her experience as a seamstress & passion for sewing really shows as the hemming is immaculate. One of my favourite things about the hemming, besides how beautifully it is done, is that the wrap is hemmed with the top & bottom rails in alternate directions, as well as with alternate colours, meaning there is no right or wrong way to use the wrap as well as being able to tell which rail you are attempting to tighten.

The middle markers are central on the wrap & are small labels featuring a dot, although I believe this is going to be changed to the ‘B’ of their logo for future runs. The composition & washing instruction label, featuring the Baie Slings logo with the information on the reverse, sits in the hem on one taper, nicely neat & low key.

What about how it wraps? I’ve tried this wrap in a variety of carries, both single & multiple pass carries. Overall, it is a pleasure to work with. It didn’t require any breaking in, although I get the feeling that it is a wrap that will only get better & better to work with the more it is used!

First up was a variation on a double hammock tied under bum. The complexity of the pattern &, in turn, added grip meant that passes did not slip out of place, certainly helpful when doing a carry such as this & trying to get the ring into place. Despite this grip, it wasn’t difficult to get passes into place meaning multiple layer carries didn’t feel like a chore, more of a pleasure!


A front wrap cross carry with passes either spread & unspread, was wonderfully comfortable, we found it nice & supportive with very little settling at all once it has been tied although G did manage to wriggle himself quite low for a really good snuggle so I obviously missed a small amount of slack somewhere!


Even in a robins hip carry & a simple ruck tied in front, there was no digging at all on my often picky shoulders. The cush of the combed cotton is wonderful & makes for a very comfortable carry. And even with the tightened weave, I still feel there is a nice amount of diagonal stretch which only adds to the comfort factor & the ease of which this wraps.

IMG_5823Finally a regular back double hammock. It was smooth to wrap, passes staying where I put them & delightfully comfortable on my shoulders for a long walk through the woods, all combined with looking fab whilst we did it! This really is a wonderful wrap.

One of the mums who tried the wrap out at a local sling meet, felt that it was very comfy on her shoulder with her toddler but that she’d imagine “it’s ultra squish-worthy too” & she felt it was a “sophisticated colour way & pattern”.

It’s even Daddy friendly! Rob used the wrap on a number of occasions & found it “quite grippy, very comfy, had a little bit of bounce & plenty of sleepy dust”.

Overall, I feel that this wrap would be suited to both a beginner & more experienced wrappers alike, as well as being suited to carry both babies & toddlers, potentially even bigger kids too. It is a beautiful wrap, in both appearance and wrapping qualities. It has wonderful amounts of cush & stretch, as well as being solid enough to be comfortable in both single pass & multiple pass carries. The pattern is understated & classy, in a wonderfully elegant colourway, yet it doesn’t shy into the background with the most wonderful shimmer! I’m normally a fan of wraps with a much higher contrast between colours & much bolder patterns but this has been a revelation to me. It truly is wonderful & I will certainly be keeping a close eye out for this one being released!

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3 Responses to REVIEW: Baie Slings Trowen Nightingale Woven Wrap

  1. What a beautiful wrap. And beautiful photos! Loved this review. It has made me want to get one haha x

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