REVIEW: Little Fellows Comfrey Woven Wrap

IMG_5196I reviewed a Little Fellows woven wrap earlier this year when I had the wonderful Limey here on its travels & I fell completely in love. I had the opportunity to have another of their woven wraps here for a holiday so I jumped at the chance as I’m always excited to try new things!

I’ll not go into too much of the history (I covered it in more detail in my previous review) but Little Fellows is a relatively new (2013), British, weaving company who produce handwoven wraps from EU sourced materials. They are one of the more expensive wraps but when you consider they are handwoven, by a single person & the amount of work that goes into the process, that gives you some indication as to why the cost what they do. There are some small differences to most woven wraps, in that they are blunt-ended (meaning they have no tapers) & they do not come in the standard numerical sizes (2, 3, 4 etc…) but are measured in half metre increments (more information on their sizing here).

Plain Weave

Plain Weave

Comfrey measures at 3m, around 20cm shorter than the standard size 3, & is a blend of 50% dyed hemp with 50% cotton. It is the same plain weave as Limey, but due to the blend of fibres used, it feels entirely different, more so than I expected it would.

The Limey I reviewed was well broken in having been travelling for a while, played with by many people before reaching me & the Comfrey was relatively new & in need of some work to break it in so that was definitely something that needs to be considered when comparing the two.

My first impression was how coarse the wrap was. It felt entirely different to the previous Little Fellows wrap I had tested but it still had that delicious thickness that I remembered from the Limey that has previously visited. I put the coarseness down to it needing more work to help break it in & made it a mission for the two weeks that I had it to help break this beast in a little more!

Such an airy weave!

Such an airy weave!

The next thing I noticed was how airy the weave felt compared to Limey which, I believe, is down to the thickness of the hemp fibres. I was a little concerned about some small patches of what appeared to be thread-shifting, but a wash & a tumble sorted these right out. That is part of the beauty of many hemp blend wraps, they are easy to care for as they are often able to be machine-washed, tumble-dried & steam-ironed. Although as with anything, follow the washing instructions!

The wrap is a beautiful blend of colours with pinks, purples, blues & greens, all blended with the gorgeous weft colour which is neither blue nor green nor grey, it is a really wonderful & well thought out blend of colours. The pattern is different to Limey in that it has not so many fine ‘pinstripes’ but primarily wider stripes with finer stripes where the colours blend. It has the same Little Fellows label, middle marker & the wonderful label with the details of the wrap that the Limey had, which are a wonderful touch & overall, it has that same understated beauty that I really loved!

IMG_4684Enough about how it looks, what about how it wraps? I did a few different carries with it, both single & multiple layer carries with it.

The first carry I did was a knotless ruck, a single layer carry that was going to be a good test for a woven wrap which wasn’t fully broken in yet. Getting the knotless finish in place & tight too a fair bit of effort but, once it was done, it wasn’t going anywhere! There was an amount of stretch to the wrap, most likely down to the airy weave but not a great deal of bounce so to speak. That said, it was nice & comfy, no digging on my shoulders & G was more than happy snuggled on my back whilst we went for a long walk in the woods!

Onto a reinforced ruck with a candycane chestbelt, a multiple layer carry I use quite a lot with shorter wraps. The second pass didn’t seem to glide as easily as it did in multiple-layer carries with the Limey, taking a little more effort to get it to move into place but once it was there, the carry was certainly solid. It was a really comfy carry, not diggy at all & it looked good too, I loved how the chestbelt showed off the colours of the wrap!

Next up was a simple rebozo hip carry with a slipknot. I chose this carry because I was interested to see how easy it would be to do the slipknot, how easily the carry would tighten & whether or not the carry would slip at all. The slipknot was surprisingly easy to tie, much neater & smaller than I expected considering how thick the wrap is! I was also surprised how easy it was to tighten, still requiring a little bit of effort but definitely easier than I expected. And, as with the previous carries, it was completely solid once the carry was in place!

Comfrey is a totally different wrap to the Limey that I previously reviewed in almost every way. When it arrived, I have to admit that I was a little surprised to find how different it was, almost scared I wouldn’t love it as I did the Limey. First impressions were that it was beautiful but quite coarse in texture whilst oddly delicate at the same time, I worried about thread-shifting & the possibility of it being easy to pull with how airy the weave was. But I was wrong. Once I’d washed & ironed it, as we used the wrap & it started to break in, I started to feel the love for Comfrey. I’m not sure it would be my wrap of choice for the delicate skin of a newborn, although that opinion may change as it breaks in further. It is a great, really supportive, choice for a toddler, especially one who likes to play with & roll around in the wraps as it isn’t so delicate you don’t want to let them!  It is a beautiful wrap, that works fantastically as a shorty, once wrapped it is solid & it is really easy to care for, all wonderful qualities in a wrap. A wrap which certainly came into its own once it had started to break in!


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