REVIEW: Joy & Joe Maxi Roses (Cashwool)

Joy & Joe Baby are a British company & back in January I published a review of the Blackberry Ripple woven wrap which was the first time I had tried a woven wrap from them. I was impressed with how strong & sturdy it felt, thick & blankety, a fantastic workhorse wrap. So I was definitely interested to see what the company’s next offering would be like.


Joy & Joe Baby Maxi Roses

The Maxi-Roses is a blend of 50% cotton & 50% cashwool which is described as a lightweight merino wool. It has a scarlet red warp & a dark purple weft. This is an XL measuring as 4.55m long, which roughly a size 6 (usually around 4.6m depending on company) & 66cm wide, making it almost 12cm thinner than the Blackberry Ripple but similar in width to many well known wraps;

  • Joy & Joe Blackberry Ripple – 78cm
  • Kokadi Diorite Stars – 72cm
  • Girasol Northern Lights – 71cm
  • Oscha Okinami Zen – 69cm
  • Didymos FHI – 68cm
  • Firespiral Starmap – 67cm
  • Joy & Joe Maxi-Roses – 66cm
  • Didymos Slate Silk Indio – 62cm

The weight provided for the wrap is 245gm2 which makes it quite a mid to heavy weight wrap, however I find the wrap to be quite light weight. Rosie from the Sheffield Sling Surgery has also reviewed the wrap (here) & calculated the weight as being nearer to the 175gm2 which I believe to be more accurate. It certainly doesn’t feel anywhere near as thick as my Didymos Flamenco Hemp Indio version 2 which weighs in at 270gm2.

Shimmering beautifully!

Shimmering beautifully!

One of the first things I noticed about the wrap was the wonderful shimmer it has that is apparent straight out the bag, it really is beautiful. The next thing I noticed was how thin the wrap was. It is really light in hand but doesn’t feel insubstantial despite being thin enough for light to shine through. The weave is also quite loose but this could be due to the fact that the wrap is straight off the loom & has not yet been washed which can often help tighten the weave a little. These are two of the things in a wrap which worry me a little. I feel that with how thin the wrap is & how loose the weave is, it is more at risk of pulls & thread-shifting which meant I felt like I needed to be quite careful with it. Some people don’t mind this but I tend to find it makes me less likely to use a wrap when I have to worry about being careful with it.

One of the other things that I noticed is the ‘handwash only’ care instructions which I would imagine is down to the wool content of the wrap. This does mean that the wrap will take a little more time to wash & dry as it is not as simple as just throwing them in the washing machine & letting it tumble dry, it will need to be handwashed then rolled between towels to remove excess water then laid flat to dry.

It feels very different to other woven wraps in terms of its texture & feel, I’ve never felt a wrap like it. It doesn’t have the ‘wooly itch’ that I’ve experienced with other wool-blend wraps but if I compare it to another merino wrap that I’ve reviewed in the past, the Woven Wings Geo, it doesn’t have the same cush or softness either. It’s smooth so I expected it to be quite slippy but then theres are patches of texture over the roses which I think helps prevent it feeling slippy whilst wrapping. It almost feels a little synthetic to touch, which is odd, I’m not sure but this may change following it being washed.


Happy in a front double hammock.

Wrapping with this really was a pleasure. In a front double hammock there was no problem with getting passes into place & getting the carry tight enough. It tightens easily & passes glide well but it doesn’t feel so slippy that it feels difficult to wrap with. It moulds beautifully & felt surprisingly supportive when wrapping my one-year-old but I wouldn’t describe it as having any degree of ‘bounce’, I think the how mouldable it is comes from the thin, loose weave.

How thin it is also contributes to how easy it feels to wrap with as thicker, heavier wraps can sometimes feel quite hard work to wrap with & take a lot of effort. I did worry that this thinness would mean the wrap would get diggy over time but this didn’t happen at all in the front double hammock, although I did spend time making sure the shoulders were spread to help avoid this happening.

I think this wrap performs really well in multiple pass carries & I imagine with a smaller child it would also be great in single pass carries such as a kangaroo or a ruck but I did find that it didn’t feel quite as supportive or comfortable in these carries for me with my one-year-old.

Overall, this wrap does have its issues but these will be of varying importace to different people & different situations. However, it also has its wonderful qualities too & it is really beautiful with a gorgeous shimmer & wonderful to wrap with.

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