Slingababy Training: Day 4

Day 4. The final day. We started with a really interesting discussion about special circumstances & carrying. It really opened my eyes & raised some interesting thoughts & questions. There is a lot I’d like to read into but I definitely feel much better prepared should I encounter such circumstances without a desperate need to do further reading beforehand.

We moved onto looking at additional carries & finishes with a woven wrap, one of them being the double hammock. I have done this carry quite a bit before but I learnt a massive amount, I feel it has improved my double hammock & certainly made it an easier carry to do!

Then the time came for me to prepare for my consult. My what? A real life consult? Me? Lorette explained that I had a consult arranged with a lady & her little boy, who had just got a size 3 wrap, as well as the size 5 & 6 wraps she already had & would like to learn about hip carries. I was given a few objectives but it was also down to me to prepare the space & the whole consult was mine to do, right from answering the door when they arrived to closing the door as they left.

I wrote quite a few notes before my consult. I felt that writing things down would hopefully help them sink into my head a little better. I prepared my space, ensuring a had wraps in the same sizes & demo dolls to hand for us to use.

I was quite nervous having never done a consult before, especially knowing that I was going to be watched whilst I was doing it, but Lorette made me feel really at ease about it, it wasn’t a test but an exercise for me to work through & learn from. It’s about being the best consultant I can be now & learning from the experience to help me become the consultant I would like to be.

Mid-consult :)

Mid-consult 🙂

The consult lasted an hour & a half but it flew by in no time at all! It was odd to be the consultant as opposed to the person attending for the consult but I really enjoyed it & I felt it went quite well. There were things I would perhaps have done differently & things I wish I’d done but overall, I achieved the objectives I was given, I was really happy with things & I think the client was happy too!


A happy end to the consult 🙂

Once the consult was over, we had a debrief session which was really helpful & I realise that sometimes I’m perhaps a little too self-critical & I should focus on how well I did instead of purely on what I did wrong or the things I’d change.

Once the debrief was over, we discussed what next & that is a whole new world! There is still work to do as I need to get some consults under my belt & get some feedback as well as completing a ‘project to benefit the wider babywearing community’ but I can now count myself as part of the team of Slingababy Consultants!


I had a personal milestone this weekend too. I have been breastfeeding G for a whole year tomorrow (oh yes, it is his big 1st birthday tomorrow!) & I have been using slings for a little less than a year but I have never felt confident enough to combine the two, very seperate, skills. Today, on our way home, we made a trip to ikea & I finally felt confident enough to breastfeed G using our ringsling. It is a huge acheivement for me & I’m so pleased I finally did it, just a little gutted I didn’t get a photo!

There’s a whole lot of thinking & a whole lot planning to be done but the future is an exciting place! This weekend has been an amazing experience & I have learnt so much. The fact I am able to return to revisit parts of the course & there are regular CPD events is a massive bonus as I think this is definitely a career where you never stop learning! I don’t think I could recommend the Slingababy Training highly enough. It is worth every penny & plenty more. Lorette is a fantastic teacher & a wealth of amazing knowledge. If you are looking to train as a consultant then Lorette is definitely your lady!

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2 Responses to Slingababy Training: Day 4

  1. I did my slingababy training in august 2014 🙂 It was a great experience. I’ve enjoed reading some of your blog posts x

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