Slingababy Training: Day 3

Today was going to be a really education for me as it was timetabled to be covering carriers that, on the whole, I have little experience with.

We got straight in there with stretchy wraps. What an education that was. I didn’t use a stretchy wrap with G so it was really interesting to learn quite how different they can be to woven wraps but still there were so many myths busted &, just like yesterday, the ‘rule book’ went out the window!

Then we moved on to Mei tai, buckles & then a whole host of other different carriers of which there are many. It was a crazy afternoon, it is a weird & wonderful world of slings, I was more than a little baffled at times but we worked our way through things & it was an inspiring afternoon.

Day 3 chaos :)

Day 3 chaos 🙂

The final part of the day was a series of exercises to take me out of my comfort zone & that it did, I found it really difficult at times but I worked my way through & by the final exercise I felt much better. I have a tendency to babble & talk to myself at times, that really came out during this exercise but I learnt a huge amount from doing it. As awkward, uncomfortable & difficult as it felt at times, it was a hugely important exercise for me & made a lot of things clearer.

I felt quite overwhelmed at the end of today & there seemed to be a lot of information whizzing around in my head. Maybe it’s because I learnt even more new skills, whereas I had some degree of wrapping knowledge, but I actually had to come back to the hotel room & dump some of it out onto paper help me wind down a little!

Tomorrow is the final day of the training & I’m so excited for what is to come, roll on day 4.

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