Slingababy Training: Day 2

After an interesting nights sleep in a bed that wasn’t our own, with a little one who is teething & wriggles a lot in bed at the the best of times, I arrived back & ready for another full day of training. Today is the day when we really get cracked on with carrying, with a full day of woven wraps & ring slings!

I am so glad that there are a variety of videos available to me to back up the learning from today because there was a huge amount to take in, a massive amount of information & so many little hints or tips that make so much sense when Lorette gives them! Despite feeling like a relatively competent wrapper & user of ring slings, it really opened my eyes to a lot of different things that will have such a positive impact on not only my teaching but my personal wrapping too.


Coffee break after covering the kangaroo carry, so comfy I decided to keep it on & enjoy some squishy demo doll snuggles 🙂

The days of this course seem to cover so much but seems to be over so quickly at the same time, it’s amazing how fast time goes whe you’re having fun & learning new stuff!


Nonono variation on how to use a ring sling at the end of day 2 🙂

If I thought I was exhausted yesterday, today pushed it even further. We had a quick tea at a local pub then headed home for a shower & an early night, with a quick torso carry with a towel thrown in for good measure!

Torso carry with a bath towel :) Excuse the 'just got out the shower' appearance!

Torso carry with a bath towel 🙂 Excuse the ‘just got out the shower’ appearance!

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