Slingababy Training: Day 1

Late last year I entered a competition to win the chance to attend the Slingababy Consultancy Course for a special rate & amazingly, through an anonymous vote, I was one of the lucky few chosen to receive the amazing opportunity. I found out on Christmas Day via a Facebook status update & I was so surprised I may have shed a few happy tears!


We booked a hotel for 3 nights, made sure Rob had time off work to be able to come down to help look after G whilst I did my training & I booked onto the course dates of my choice. Lorette was amazing, making sure I had all the information I needed to be prepared for the course & was patient with all my questions!

So. Today was the big day. It involved a very early start, we had to leave home at 7am to get down to Rugby for the start time of 9am, which with G is always interesting as he’s much more of a night owl who would rather lie-in & go to bed late but we made it out on time & arrived bang on 9am! We had a cuppa, introduced ourselves & got down to work. Very little carrying was done today but a great deal of information was covered. Consultancy isn’t just about knowing every carry & carrier that exists, it is so much more than that. We covered so much information from physiology, safety, role of a consultant, videos, the list seems endless but its all vital information for becoming a consultant.

I don’t know if the day went fast or slow but what I do know is I finished the day exhausted but really excited to return tomorrow, roll on day 2!

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