COTD Day 30: Xena BWCC

The final day of the 30 day challenge & another new carry, Xena BWCC (back wrap cross carry). Another one I’d never heard of or seen at all. But off to YouTube I went & this was the tutorial I used…

In the tutorial she uses a size 4 kokadi wrap, but when I tried with my size 4 kokadi wrap I wasn’t even close to being able to do the carry, not even close to tying in the very tippy tails. I have no idea why as neither me or G are particularly big, maybe I need to give it another go with a size 4 at some point but I really can’t see it being possible, especially after doing it with a size 5 & not having masses of tails.

In the end, I used my Oscha Okinami Skye in a size 5. It is a beautiful, 100% cotton wrap which we really love! It has also been used for day 16, day 23 & day 24. The carry also uses a single sling ring.

From the carries I’ve tried through this challenge, I’ve discovered I’m not always the biggest fan of carries with a single sling ring in the chest so I was a little skeptical about this carry from the beginning.

I was wrong to be skeptical. Really wrong. I’m not sure how comfortable it would be for a long period of time as I worry the ring would cause it to become uncomfortable but for our trip to the shops it was really comfy with no digging into the shoulders whatsoever.

One thing I have wondered is how comfortable it would be for a man. As a ‘well endowed’ female, I think my boobs helped to keep the passes that crossed over my chest on place & from slipping up into my neck. Maybe I need to test it out with Rob & see how comfy he finds it!

Overall, it’s a pretty comfortable carry & although I’m not sure how comfy it would be for long periods I think I’ll definitely repeat it.


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