DHTT, double hammock tied Tibetan. Not a carry I’ve done although I have done a double hammock & I have tied Tibetan, just not in the same carry. Just for good measure I found this tutorial to show the finish & it also shows another way of finishing so you have another couple of options for DH finishes.

I used another Oscha, the JKOJ or Japanese Knots Ooki Juliet, which I also used on day 25. It is 100% cotton & a size 6.

I like the double hammock & the many variations of it that I’ve tried so far, including some of the ones I’ve tried during this challenge. It’s not my favourite carry but I like how supportive it feels & how well the weight is spread. One advantage I thought this variation might have is that the shoulder straps would be kept in place by finishing Tibetan.

I think that, although I could probably have got more slack out of this carry, I was perhaps a little ambitious hoping for a DHTT out of a size 6 wrap. I think I probably could with a little more practice but if I have to use a size 7 then I’d be less inclined to do this carry over others.

One thing I did notice is that I felt there was too much fabric over my chest. It’s odd because a chest pass finished with a candycane chestbelt doesn’t normally bother me but I just felt like there were so many layers of fabric it was almost a bit overwhelming!

Overall, I like a double hammock but I think I’d be more likely to do a regular DH or a knotless one, or even a different carry altogether before I opt for a DHTT.


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