COTD Day 28: Gisele’s Back

Giselle’s back carry is a new carry to me, although it was mentioned to me at a recent meet by Rosie of the Sheffield Sling Surgery. I found this tutorial on YouTube which appears to be done by the lady who created the carry using a combination of passes she liked from other carries. That is one of the beauties of wrapping, although there are plenty of tutorials out there for carries there is nothing to say you can’t create your own!

From reading online, people suggest both a size 4 & a size 5 wrap to use for this carry. I decided to be brave, if a little optimistic, & use my Firespiral Slings Starmap as used on day 7. I’m not going to gush again about how wonderful this wrap is but it’s fair to say it’s permastash here I we love it!

G wasn’t in particularly great mood to be wrapped by a mummy who was trying a carry she probably should have watched a tutorial for a few more times than the 2 or 3 I did which means I didn’t get the best wrap job done, I also think I could have done with a size 5 to make this carry a little easier to manage & to possibly be able to finish by tying Tibetan. I got lost a couple of times & G popped his seat at one point too so he ended up quite low in the final carry, it’s not particularly tight either. Overall, a pretty pants wrap job!

It probably not a fair assessment of the carry but I think there are definitely carries that I prefer to this one & probably always will be. That said, tying Tibetan could make a big difference as it would help stop the shoulder straps from slipping off which was one of my pet hates with this carry. I’m not going to let this be the last time I do it as I’m determined I’ll get a decent wrap job of this carry one day but for now, it’s not my favourite.


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