COTD Day 26: Norwegian Wiggle Proof

Norwegian Wiggle Proof. Now those are 3 words I never thought I’d hear describing a carry! This was a totally new carry to me, I’d never even heard of it before. There aren’t too many tutorials I could find for this carry but these where the two I used…

The wrap I used is another Oscha, it’s an Okinami Zen which is a blend of cotton & combed cotton (50/50 I believe) & it’s a size 6. I love this wrap, it wraps beautifully & is really supportive, not diggy at all.

I took me a few watches of the tutorials to be fairly confident of what I was doing because & I was skeptical as to describe a carry as ‘wiggle proof’ is quite a bold claim in my opinion!

It took a couple of attempts as I got lost trying to work out which rail I was pulling up over G’s back to create the 2nd pass over him. Once I got him wrapped, I opted to finish with a candycane chestbelt for added comfort & to help keep the straps on my shoulders. You can see, in the photos, that I didn’t quite get the bottom of the chest pass quite as snug as I’d normally like but I didn’t really feel that this caused any problems at all, in terms of security or comfort.

Whoever named this carry really wasn’t joking when they said it was wiggle proof. It really is. Totally and utterly wriggle proof. Or it was for us, G couldn’t wriggle his way out of it & even him attempting to straighten his legs didn’t cause us any problems!

I really liked this carry. It’s going to take a bit more practice to be able to do it without reminding myself of how to do it first but I definitely think it’s one I’d like to have in the memory banks for the future!


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