Todays carry is the SHBC, secure high back carry, which is yet another new carry that I had heard of but never watched a tutorial or attempted. My search of YouTube threw up these tutorials that I found particularly useful…

I used a size 6 wrap as recommended in the tutorials & it is an Oscha Japanese Knots Ooki Juliet, which is 100% cotton. I love how this wraps & I love that it doesn’t have an obviously ‘right’ & ‘wrong’ side, especially in carries where you see both sides of the wrap as if a wrap has a wrong wide it can sometimes look a little unattractive in a carry unless the ‘wrong’ side is just a different ‘right’ side if that makes sense!

Obviously a back carry with a size 6 is going to be multiple passes so that provides an element of supportiveness & the fact it has a form of chestbelt as well as finishing at the waist also helps to spread the weight. As explained in the tutorials, in the original version the second pass is a rebozo pass which goes over babies leg but some people prefer to do a cross pass which goes under babies leg instead. I tried both ways but felt that the carry was more comfortable & G was more balanced using the cross pass as it means that there is a pass under both legs.

Although this a comfortable carry, its not my favourite so I think I would be more likely to choose other carries over this one. That said, I know others who like this carry & favour it over others so, just because it’s not my carry of choice, bear in mind that it’s always worth giving a carry a go & seeing what you think!


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